Cancer Chemotherapy and Biological Response Modifiers: Annual 22

Cancer Chemotherapy and Biological Response Modifiers: Annual 22

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Cancer Chemotherapy & Biological Response Modifiers Annual 21 contains an expanded section on colorectal cancer, an area that has seen remarkable progress in screening, early detection, prevention and therapy in just the last few years. Annual 21 also includes updates on biology and treatment of common malignancies as well as chapters that summarise recent advances in chemotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer.
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  • Hardback
  • Elsevier Science Ltd
  • Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 0444516182
  • 9780444516183

Table of contents

Section 1: Drugs Thymidylate synthase inhibitors (SP Ackland, P Beale, GJ Peters); Anthracyclines (L Gianni, G Grasselli, S Cresta, A Locatelli, L Vigano, G Minotti); Tubulin-targeting agents (WN Hait, E Rubin, S Goodin); Topoisomerase I interactive agents (PK Turner, LC Iacono, CF Stewart); Topoisomerase II inhibitors (KR Hande); Farnesyltransferase inhibitors (AA Adjei); Cyclin-dependent kinases as targets for cancer therapy (MA Shah, GK Schwartz); DNA-binding agents (Y Nieto); Advances in endocrine therapy for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer (WJ Gradishar, VC Jordan) Section 2: Biological Response Modifiers Monoclonal and antibody therapy for breast cancer: Herceptin (RS Finn, DJ Slamon); Rituximab (P Multani, CA White); Mucins in gastrointestinal cancers (MS Turner, JR McKolanis, RK Ramanathan, DC Whitcomb, OJ Finn); HER-2/neu vaccines (ML Disis, K Schiffman, LG Salazar, B Almand, KL Knutson); Colon cancer antigen and anti-idiotype vaccines (D Herlyn, B Birebent, N Akis, E Purev, R Somasundaram, E Mitchell, H Maguire, L Staib, M Mastrangelo); Anti-carcinoembryonic antigen immunity (M DeBenedette, L Radvanyi, D Singh-Sandhu, NL Berinstein); Cancer gene therapy and immunotherapy (Y Kawakami, TJ Curiel, DT Curiel); Recent areas of development for dendritic cell vaccines (MA Morse, S Chui, TM Clay, HK Lyerly); Mechanisms of tumour evasion from the immune response (PC Rodriguez, AH Zea, AC Ochoa). Section 3: Tumours Plasma cell myeloma and leukemia (PH Wiernik); Lymphomas (A Santoro, L Castagna, M Magagnoli); Head and neck cancers (M Al-Sarraf, X Guo); Lung cancer (G Giaccone, E Smit); Upper gastrointestinal tumours (K Aiba, M Ogawa); Cancers of the large bowel and hepatobiliary tract (W Sun, D Haller); Neuroendocrine tumours - somatostatin receptor expression and somatostatin analog treatment (E Tiensuu Janson, K Oberg); Genitourinary malignancies (MD Michaelson, MR Smith); Systematic therapy for gynaecological neoplasms: ovary, cervix and endometrium (S Pecorelli, R Angioli, G Favalli, F Odicino); Breast cancer (P Valagussa, G Bonadonna); Melanoma - new developments in diagnosis and therapy (A Schneeberger, SN Wagner); Sarcoma (M Scurr, I Judson); Brain tumors (JK Pueschel, LS Ashby, WR Shapiro); Biology and therapy of malignant solid tumors in childhood (H van den Berg); Supportive care (M Markman); AIDS-associated malignancies (MH Shah, P Porcu, SR Mallery, MA Caligiuri). Special Section: Colorectal Cancer Risk assessment and screening for colorectal cancer (KE Kim); Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for colorectal cancer prevention (ET Hawk, J Viner, E Richmond, A Umar); Molecular predictors of prognosis and response to therapy in colorectal cancer (HL McLeod; RD Church); Combined modality therapy for rectal cancer (BD Minsky); New drugs for colorectal cancer (PMG Hoff); Liver directed therapies for colorectal cancer (AS Wright, DM Mahvi).
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