CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 LiveLessons

CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 LiveLessons

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* 6+ hours of video instruction

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For anyone interested in learning the key networking topics for the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching exam, CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 LiveLessons brings Cisco CCNA exam topics to life through the use of animations, live instructor whiteboarding sessions, slide annotations, direct-to-camera discussions, and command line interface (CLI) demonstrations, making learning these foundational networking topics easy and fun.

Best-selling author, expert instructor, and double CCIE Kevin Wallace walks you through the most challenging topics on the CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 exam, including coverage of the OSI model, switch theory and configuration, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, routing concepts, OSPF, and EIGRP. This unique product contains multiple types of video presentations and hands-on router and switch CLI configuration and troubleshooting in real lab environments, allowing you to both learn the concepts and the hands-on application. The 64 video lessons contained in this product provide you more than 6 hours of instruction.

Designed to take you inside CCNA networking concepts in a unique way, CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 LiveLessons is guaranteed to help you master the foundational networking topics that will help you succeed on the exam and on the job.

This instructive DVD product presents you with a selection of lessons from the 26-hour Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Complete Video Course. As an added bonus, this product contains a one-time use coupon code for 70% off the full training course, a $280 value! If you like the lessons on the DVD, be sure to check out the Complete Video Course, which includes 20 more hours of training, module and glossary quizzes to test your understanding, interactive exercises to help reinforce key concepts, and an exam preparation section full of practical test-taking advice.

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Section 1: The OSI Model

Section 2: Ethernet Switches-Configuration

Section 3: IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing

Section 4: Routing-Introduction

Section 5: Routing-OSPF

Section 6: Routing-EIGRP
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Table of contents

CCNA Introduction

The OSI Model

The OSI Model - Introduction (
Layer 1 - The Physical Layer (
Layer 2 - The Data Link Layer (
Layer 3 - The Network Layer (
Layer 4 - The Transport Layer (
Layers 5 - 7 - The Upper Layers (

Ethernet Switches - Introduction

History of Ethernet (
Switch Operation (
MAC Addresses (
CAM Table (
Collision Domains (
Broadcast Domains (
Traffic Flow Through a Switched Network (

Ethernet Switches - Configuration

Switch LEDs (
Port Addressing (
Connecting via the Console (
Configuring a Management IP Address (
Configuring a Default Gateway (
Setting Console and VTY Passwords (
Checking for Connectivity with Ping (
Enabling Telnet Access (
Enabling SSH Access (
Version (
Current Configuration (
Interface Status (
MAC Address Table (
Port Security (
Setting a Hostname (
Setting the Enable Password (
Setting the Exec Timeout (
Encrypting Passwords (
Creating a Banner (
Specifying Port Speed and Duplex (
Saving the Configuration (
Spanning Tree Protocol (
Introduction to STP (
Issues without STP (
MAC Address Table Corruption (
Broadcast Storm (
Identifying STP Port States (
Practice Exercise (
STP Convergence (
STP Variants (
Example: PVST+ (Calculation) (
Example: PVST+ (Configuration) (

IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing

Binary Numbering (
IPv4 Address Formatting (
Address Classes (
Private vs. Public IPv4 Addresses (
Unicast (
Broadcast (
Multicast (
The Need for Subnetting (
IPv4 Subnetting (
Calculating Available Subnets (
Calculating Available Hosts (
Subnetting Practice Exercise #1 (
Subnetting Practice Exercise #2 (
Subnetting Practice Exercise #3 (
Calculating Ranges of Usable IPv4 Addresses (
Subnetting Practice Exercise #4 (
Subnetting Practice Exercise #5 (
IPv6 Addressing (
IPv6 Address Format (
Shortening an IPv6 Address (
Practice Exercise (

Routing - Introduction

Common Interface Types (
IP Routing Table (
Sources of Route Information (
Traffic Flow Through a Routed Network (
Packet Forwarding (
Version (
Current Configuration (
Interface Status (
IP Routing Table (
Neighboring Devices (
Encrypting Passwords (
Assigning an IPv4 Address to an Interface (
Assigning an IPv6 Address to an Interface (
Creating Banners (
DEMO - Basic Router Setup (
Distance Vector Routing Protocols (
Link State Routing Protocols (
Passive Interfaces (

Routing - OSPF

OSPF Basics (
Introduction to Dijkstra's Algorithm (
Dijkstra's Algorithm Calculation (
Some OSPF Terminology (
Neighborship vs. Adjacency (
Designated Routers (
Electing a Designated Router (
Forming an Adjacency (
Measuring Cost (
Areas (
OSPF Network Types (
Single-Area OSPF (
Benefits (
OSPFv2 Configuration and Verification (
OSPFv3 Configuration and Verification (

Routing - EIGRP

EIGRP Neighbor Formation (
Router ID (
EIGRP Metric Calculation (
Configuration Example (
Configuring Unequal Cost Load Balancing (
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About Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (Voice and R/S) #7945
With Cisco experience dating back to 1989, Kevin has been a network design specialist for the Walt Disney World Resort, a Senior Technical Instructor for Skillsoft, and a network manager for Eastern Kentucky University. Kevin holds a bachelor's of science degree in electrical engineering (focusing on digital communications) from the University of Kentucky, and has authored or co-authored multiple books for Cisco Press. Kevin's website is
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