Business and Government

Business and Government

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This comprehensive volume brings together the key articles on relations between business and government from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. The editors have selected works that explore the themes of business and the state, organizing the firm for political action, managing government affairs, lobbying models, business governance and regulation, comparative business - political systems and internationalization and transnational business regulation.

With an original introduction by the editors, this volume is an essential resource for scholars, students and policy makers interested in political science, business studies and economics.
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Table of contents


David Coen and Wyn Grant

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Review quote

`The remarkable new edited volume Business and Government by Coen and Grant brings together the most important recent contributions to our understanding of the tenuous balance between markets, societies and polities. This groundbreaking volume demonstrates how this balance has changed over time, and shapes what we know about markets and their institutions. It will be a must-read for students of economics, politics, business, sociology, and many other fields.' -- Andrew B. Whitford, University of Georgia, US
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About Wyn Grant

Edited by David Coen, Professor of Public Policy, Director of the School of Public Policy and Director of the Global Governance Institute, University College London and Wyn Grant, Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Warwick, UK
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