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The growth history of a brachiopod is entombed in its shell, but research on fossil and living brachiopods has generated unanswered questions about these marine invertebrates. Several contributors to Brachiopods Past and Present comment on their differing structures and morphological detail. They use these as examples of ontogenetic and evolutionary change, as indicators of taxonomic relationships, or to discuss micro-structural shell morphology. Population studies of various species and recent progress in molecular phylogeny are presented. This single compilation is a must for postgraduate students and researchers in evolution, zoology, geology, palaeontology and related fields.
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  • Hardback | 460 pages
  • 178 x 254 x 25.15mm | 1,021g
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 0748409211
  • 9780748409211

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Table of contents

Introduction. Apatite varieties in Recent and fossil linguloid brachiopod shells. Chemico-structural differentiation of the organocalcitic shells of rhynchonellate brachiopods. A TEM investigation of modulated microstructure in recent and fossil articulate brachiopod shells from New Zealand. The acrosome reaction of an Inarticulate Brachiopod Lingula Anatina spermatozoa. Brachiopod Larval Setae - a Key to the Phylum's Ancestral Life Cycle? Variation in the Loops of Two Recent Species of Liothyrella (Brachiopoda;Terebratulida) from New Zealand and South Orkney Islands. Shell Morphology and Geographical Distribution of Neocrania (Brachiopoda, Recent) in the Eastern North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Developmental and Settlement Characteristics of the Antarctic Brachiopod Liothyrella Uva (Broderip 1833). Embryonic Shells of Devonian Linguloid Brachiopods. Global Surface-Water Circulation and the Main Features of Brachiopod Biogeography. Fundamental Differences in External Spine Growth in Brachiopods. Advances in Molecular Studies. Brachiopod Molecular Phylogeny Advances. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution of Long-Hooped Brachiopod. Phylogenetic Relationships of Brachiopods within the Metazoa based on Mitochondrial Amino Acid Seuence Analyses. The Phylogenetic Position of Brachiopods Inferred from Mitochondrial Gene Orders. Genetic Differentiation of Terebratella Sanguinea in the New Zealand Fjords: a Dispersal Barrier in the Marine Environment? Phylogeny and Evolution. Functional Morphology of Articulatory Structures and Inplications for Patterns of Musculature in Cambrian Rhynchonelliform Brachiopods. Early Silurian Stricklandiid Brachiopod Evolution in Eastern North America. Post-Palaeozoic Rhynchonellida (Brachiopoda): Classification and Evolutionary Background. Radiations and Extinctions of Atrypide Brachiopods: Ordovician-Devonian. Trends in Athyridide Diversity Dynamics. The Systematic Position of some Upper Permian Terebratulide Genera. Ancestry and Hecterochronic Origin of Brachiopods of the Superfamily Megathyridoidea (Order Terebratulida): A Case of Natural Selection for Equatorial Dwarfism. Thecideide Phylogeny, Heterochrony, and the Gradual Acquisition of Characters. Incorporating Startigraphic Data in the Phylogenetic Analysis of the Rhynchonelliformea. Ecology and Palaecology. Brachiopods of the Isca Submarine Cave: Observationsduring Ten Years. Brachiopod/Crinoid Associations in the Late Cenozoic of the Antillean Region. Pragian-Emsian Brachiopod Communities of the Faou Formation (Massif Armoricain, France). Palaeological Interpretation of the Brachiopod faunas of the Bardahessiagh Formation (Middle Caradoc), Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland. Biostratigraphy and Palaeobiogeography. Palaeolatitudinal Distribution Patterns of Hogher Rhynchonelliformean Brachiopods in the Early Ordovician. Distribution and Diversity of Ordovician Articulated Brachiopods in the East Baltic. The Orthide Platystrophia in the Ordovician and early Silurian of the East Baltic. Silurian-Devonian Biogeography. Extinction of some Lingulate Brachiopod Families: New Stratigraphical Data from the Silurian and Devonian of Central Bohemia. Lower and Middle Permian Brachiopods from Oman and Peri-Gondwanan Palaeogeographical Reconstructions. Permian Productida of Australasia: Palaeobiogeographical and Palaeoclimatical Implications. A Permian Boreal Brachiopod Fauna from Okutadami, Central Japan, and its Tectonic Implication. Brachiopod Biostratigraphy of the Middle Triassic in Bulgaria and Comparison with Elsewhere in Europe. Mesozoic Articulated Brachiopods from the Western Cordillera of North America: their significance for Palaeogeographic and Tectonic Reconstruction, Palaeobiogeography and Palaeocology. Diversification of Mediterranean Early Jurassic Brachiopods after the end Triassic Mass Extinction - New Results from Hungary. Stratigraphic Distribution of Brachiopods - A New Method of Storing and Querying Loosely-Structured Biodiversity Information.
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