Boylestad & Nashelsky's Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, Canadian Edition

Boylestad & Nashelsky's Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, Canadian Edition

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  • Hardback
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Designed for electronic devices courses using conventional flow at a technologist or technologist/technician level. A comprehensive overview of electronic devices, circuits, and applications aimed at technologist and technologist/technician programs. The Canadian edition addresses the unique needs of our market (assessed through extensive reviewing and focus groups), while retaining the strengths of the US edition, long one of the top books in the field.
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  • Hardback | 964 pages
  • 213.36 x 276.86 x 43.18mm | 2,154.55g
  • Prentice-Hall (Canada)
  • Scarborough, Canada
  • 0130868302
  • 9780130868305

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with an Introduction, and Chapters 1 - 17 conclude with PSpice Windows.) 1. Semiconductor Diodes. Ideal Diode. Semiconductor Materials. Energy Levels. Extrinsic Materials - n-type and p-type. Semiconductor Diode. Resistance Levels. Diode Equivalent Circuits. Diode Specification Sheets. Transition and Diffusion Capacitance. Reverse Recovery Time. Semiconductor Diode Notation. Diode Testing. Zener Diodes. Light-Emitting Diodes. 2. Diode Applications. Load Line Analysis. Diode Approximations. Series Diode Configurations with DC Inputs. Parallel and Series-Parallel Configurations. AND/OR Gates. Sinusoidal Inputs: Half-Wave Rectification. Full-Wave Rectification. Clippers. Clampers. Zener Diodes. Voltage Multiplier Circuits. 3. Bipolar Junction Transistor. Transistor Construction. Transistor Operation. Common-Base Configuration. Transistor Amplifying Action. Common-Emitter Configuration. Common-Collector Configuration. Limits of Operation. Transistor Specification Sheet. Transistor Testing. Transistor Casting and Terminal Identification. 4. DC Biasing - BJT's. Operating Point. Fixed-Bias Circuit. Emitter-Stabilized Bias Circuit. Voltage-Divider Bias. DC Bias with Voltage Feedback. Miscellaneous Bias Configurations. Design Operations. Transistor Switching Networks. Troubleshooting Techniques. pnp Transistors. Bias Stabilization. 5. Field-Effect Transistors. Construction and Characteristics of JFETs. Transfer Characteristics. Specification Sheets (JFETs). Instrumentation. Important Relationships. Depletion-Type MOSFET. Enhancement-Type MOSFET. MOSFET Handling. VMOS. CMOS. Summary Table. 6. FET Biasing. Fixed-Bias Configuration. Self-Bias Configuration. Voltage-Divider Biasing. Depletion-Type MOSFETs. Enhancement-Type MOSFETs. Parameter Variations. Combination Networks. Summary Table. Design. Troubleshooting. p-Channel FETs. 7. BJT Transistor Modeling. Amplification. BJT Transistor Modeling. The Important Parameters: Zi, Zo, Av, Ai. The re Transistor Model. The Hybrid Equivalent Model. Graphical Determination of the h-parameters. Variations of Transistor Parameters. 8. BJT Small-Signal Analysis. Common-Emitter Fixed-Bias Configuration. Voltage-Divider Bias. CE Emitter-Bias Configuration. Emitter-Follower Configuration. Common-Base Configuration. Collector Feedback Configuration. Collector DC Feedback Configuration. Approximate Hybrid Equivalent Circuit. Complete Hybrid Equivalent Model. Summary Table. Troubleshooting. 9. FET Small-Signal Analysis. FET Small-Signal Model. JFET Fixed-Bias Configuration. JFET Self-Bias Configuration. JFET Voltage-Divider Configuration. JFET Source-Follower (Common-Drain) Configuration. JFET Common-Gate Configuration. Depletion-Type MOSFETs. Enhancement-Type MOSFETs. E-MOSFET Drain-Feedback Configuration. E-MOSFET Voltage-Divider Configuration. Designing FET Amplifier Networks. Summary Table. Troubleshooting. 10. Systems Approach - Effects of RS and RL Two-Port Systems. Effect of a Load Impedance(RL). Effect of a Source Impedance(RS). Combined Effect of Rs and RL. BJT CE Networks. BJT Emitter-Follower Networks. BJT CB Networks. FET Networks. Summary Table. Cascaded Systems. 11. Frequency Response of BJT and JFET Amplifiers. General Frequency Considerations. Low-Frequency Analysis - Bode Plot. Low-Frequency Response - BJT Amplifier. Low-Frequency Response - FET Amplifier. Miller Effect Capacitance. High-Frequency Response - BJT Amplifier. High-Frequency Response - FET Amplifier. Multistage Frequency Effects. Square-Wave Testing. 12. Compound Configurations. Cascade Connection. Cascode Connection. Darlington Connection. Feedback Pair. CMOS Circuit. Current Source Circuits. Current Mirror Circuits. Differential Amplifier Circuit. BIFET, BIMOS, and CMOS Differential Amplifier Circuits. 13. Discrete and IC Manufacturing Techniques. Semiconductor Materials, Si, Ge, and GaAs. Discrete Diodes. Transistor Fabrication. Integrated Circuits. Monolithic Integrated Circuit. The Production Cycle. Thin-Film and Thick-Film Integrated Circuits. Hybrid Integrated Circuits. 14. Operational Amplifiers. Differential and Common-Mode Operation. Op-amp Basics. Practical Op-amp Circuits. Op-amp Specifications - DC Offset Parameters. Op-amp Specifications - Frequency Parameters. Op-am Unit Specifications. 15. Op-Amp Applications. Constant-Gain Multiplier. Voltage Summing. Voltage Buffer. Controlled Sources. Instrumentation Circuits. Active Filters. 16. Power Amplifiers. Series-Fed Class A Amplifier. Transformer-Coupled Class A Amplifier. Class B Amplifier Operation. Class B Amplifier Circuits. Amplifier Distortion. Power Transistor Heat Sinking. Class C and Class D Amplifiers. 17. Linear-Digital ICs. Comparator Unit Operation. Digital-Analog Converters. Timer IC Unit Operation. Voltage-Controlled Oscillator. Phase-Locked Loop. Interfacing Circuitry. 18. Feedback and Oscillator Circuits. Feedback Concepts. Feedback Connection Types. Practical Feedback Circuits. Feedback Amplifier - Phase and Frequency Considerations. Oscillator Operation. Phase-Shift Oscillator. Wein Bridge Oscillator. Tuned Oscillator Circuit. Crystal Oscillator. 19. Power Supplies (Voltage Regulators). General Filter Considerations. Capacitor Filter. RC Filter. Discrete Transistor Voltage Regulation. IC Voltage Regulators. Switching Regulators. PSpice Windows. 20. Other Two-Terminal Devices. Schottky Barrier (Hot-Carrier) Diodes. Varactor (Varicap) Diodes. Power Diodes. Tunnel Diodes. Photodiodes. Photoconductive Cells. IR Emitters. Liquid-Crystal Displays. Solar Cells. Thermistors. 21. Thyristors and Other Devices. Silicon-Controlled Rectifier. Basic Silicon-Controlled Recitifier Operation. SCR Characteristics and Ratings. SCR Construction and Terminal Identification. SCR Applications. Silicon-Controlled Switch. Gate Turn-Off Switch. Light-Activated SCR. Shockley Diode. Diac. Triac. Unijunction Transistor. Phototransistors. Opto-Isolators. Programmable Unijunction Transistor. 22. Oscilloscope and Other Measuring Instruments (on CD-ROM). Appendix A: Hybrid Parameters - Conversion Equations (Exact and Approximate). Appendix B: Ripple Factor and Voltage Calculations. Appendix C: Charts and Tables. Appendix D: Solutions to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems. Index.
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