Body Lotions for Beginners & Oil Pulling Therapy for Beginners

Body Lotions for Beginners & Oil Pulling Therapy for Beginners

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Body Lotion for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Making All Natural Body Lotions for Glowing, Youthful Vibrant Skin & Oil Pulling Therapy For Beginners: Detoxify & Heal Your Mouth, Teeth, Gums & Body With Coconut Oil Through Natural Oil Pulling Body Lotions

The skin is more than just the covering of our body. It is the body's largest organ, and it has important roles in ensuring the healthy functioning of the entire body. One of the skin's major attributes is that it is semi-permeable. Because of this feature, certain substances can penetrate the skin while other substances are blocked. Therefore, the skin both protects and nourishes the body. To explain, several toxins are sweated out through the skin and there are lots of nutrients that are absorbed in the body through the skin. Bacteria are blocked from entry in the body, and essential body fluids are contained.

This fact indicates that what you apply to your face and skin is as essential as what you eat. In other words, natural cosmetics are as good as the natural food you eat. Most of the ingredients used in making natural products for your skin are usually found in your kitchen while other ingredients can be purchased from specialty shops selling natural, organic products. The recipes in this book use only organic plant based ingredients.

In order to keep the skin supple and in good condition, effective skin care is needed so it will look beautiful and carry out its function perfectly. Using natural substances like essential oils, fruits, flower waters, honey and others in homemade lotions can provide different skin treatments for all types of skin. The body lotion recipes in this ebook are easy to make and are all natural and healthy. They are also cheaper than the commercially available lotion that you would normally buy. Furthermore, you can experiment with and test other skin care ideas.

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Did you know oil pulling process literarily heals every working part of your body, eventually making you fit and healthy in the long run?

Nutritionists and functional medicine specialists have seen positive results. Although the oil pulling concept has already started to gain steam in the Western World in recent years, dental professionals are still confused when it comes to proper responses to patient cases who have already adopted this particular alternative therapy.

The thing is the longer you do the swishing of oil into your mouth (specifically the teeth and gums), the more microbes will be dug and taken away. You have to swish the oil enough until it turns into milky white. When this happens you can be certain that harmful bacteria has been removed.

Oil pulling basically works effectively. The best part of it all is that it doesn't end there. There's so much that we could still discover, so much that the oil pulling process could do for our personal health.

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