Biology Examination 2 VCE Unit 4

Biology Examination 2 VCE Unit 4

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Biology Exam 2 VCE Unit 4, Third edition is an invaluable tool for Year 12 students preparing to sit the mid-year VCE Biology exam. It is specifically designed to address the latest 2006-2012 VCE Study Design. It contains nine practice exams for VCE Biology Unit 4 (20062012 Study Design). A separate, comprehensive solutions CD is included with the book so teachers can control students access to answers. Features include: Graduated difficulty the resource is divided into tests that gradually increase in length, content and difficulty. Use it throughout the semester, not just before the actual exam No teacher or student preparation is required students write into the book Bonus detachable exam included produced on perforated paper, it allows for easy tear-out and can be used as a formal assessment task Great value designed and priced to be used by each individual student Separate solutions CD so teachers can control access The solutions CD provides comprehensive and detailed solutions for each examinable Area of Study.
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  • Paperback
  • Rosebud, VIC, Australia
  • 3rd edition
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Table of contents

Test 1 Molecular genetics: genome, gene expression, DNA and RNA, nuclear enzymes, DNA replication, genetic code, transcription and translation Test 2 Above plus: Transmission of heritable characteristics, genes as units of inheritance, gene regulation, eukaryote chromosomes, prokaryote chromosomes and plasmids; Cell reproduction: cell cycle, apoptosis, binary fission, gamete production; inputs and outputs of meiosis; diploid and haploid, n and 2n Test 3 Above plus: Patterns of inheritance in sexually reproducing organisms: One gene locus: monohybrid cross including dominance, recessiveness, co-dominance; multiple, alleles, monohybrid cross: dominant/recessive, test cross, pedigree analysis. Sex linkage. Genotype, phenotype and environment Test 4 Above plus: inheritance at two gene loci: dihybrid cross. Linked genes and recombination; Gene interactions. Pedigrees of all of the above. Types of mutations. Polygenes, continuous and discontinuous variation Test 5 Above plus: DNA manipulation: tools and techniques including recombinant DNA, amplification of DNA, gel electrophoresis, DNA profiling, DNA sequencing; cloning of genes, transformation; gene delivery systems Test 6 Above plus: change in populations: gene pool, allele frequencies; selection pressures, genetic drift, founder effect, gene flow. Natural selection. Speciation. Extinction - bottlenecks. Geological time: scale; relative and actual dating techniques Test 7 Above plus: patterns of evolution: divergent, convergent; branching diagrams. Evidence of evolution: fossil record, biogeography, comparative anatomy, molecular evidence; Homologous and analogous structures Test 8 Above plus: primate and human evolution. Human influences on evolution. Applications of gene technologies Test 9 Detachable Examination Whole course.
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