Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields, Two Volume Set

Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields, Two Volume Set : Proceedings of the 8th International Conference (BCR2A'09), June 29 - July 2 2009, Unversity of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, Champaign, Illinois, USA

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Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields focuses on issues pertaining to the bearing capacity of highway and airfield pavements and railroad track structures and provided a forum to promote efficient design, construction and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure. The collection of papers from the Eighth International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields (BCR2A09) includes contributions on a variety of topics and will be of particular interest to academics, researchers, and practitioners involved in geotechnical, pavement, and railroad engineering disciplines. It is primarily concerned with the many issues pertaining to the bearing capacity and mechanistic based design of highway and airfield pavements and railroad track more

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Table of contents

VOLUME IKeynote presentationsFrom bearing capacity to mechanistic design: The role of soil mechanics in asphalt pavement engineeringS.F. BrownThe performance of rail track incorporating the effects of ballast breakage, confining pressure and geosynthetic reinforcementB. Indraratna, S. Nimbalkar & D. ChristieAirport pavement design for the 21st century S.K. AgrawalSubgrade soilsImproving subgrade strength and pavement performance by chemical treating subgrade soilsN. Bandara & M.J. GrazioliStudy of dry sludge stabilization from Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Taiacupeba to use as compacted soil in earthwork ditches R.M. Fortes, J.V. Merighi, D.R. Pauli, M.A.L. Barros, M.H. de Carvalho, N.C. Menetti, A.S. Barbosa, F.V. Ribeiro & B.B. BentoAlternatives to heavy test rolling for cohesive subgrade assessment D.J. White, P.K.R. Vennapusa, H.H. Gieselman, L. Johanson & J. SiekmeierA comparative subgrade evaluation using CBR, vane shear, light weight deflectometer, and resilient modulus tests N. Garg, A. Larkin & H. BrarStabilization of clays using liquid enzymes Y. Yilmaz, A.G. Gungor & C. Avsar The effect of moisture hysteresis on resilient modulus of subgrade soils C. Khoury & N. KhouryDynamic properties of a full weathering granite subgrade and other pavement materials studied by model tests J. Zou, Z. Li & X. Cao The use of geofiber and synthetic fluid for stabilizing marginal soils K. Hazirbaba & B. ConnorSubgrade modification-practitioner's experience T. McCleary"Baku Bayil Yard Site" soil improvement geotechnical works E. Guler, A. Gure & E. CetinResilient characteristics of bottom ash H.H. Titi, A.R. Coenen & M.B. EliasPrecision triaxial equipment for the evaluation of the elastic behavior of soils N. Araujo & A. Gomes CorreiaGranular materialsA performance study of different curing materials applied to soil-Portland cement base course cure R.M. Fortes & J.V. MerighiPavement base unbound granular materials gradation optimization J.P. Bilodeau, G. Dore & P. PierreInfluence of the macroscopic cohesion on the 3D FE modeling of a flexible pavement rut depth F. Allou, C. Petit, C. Chazallon & P. HornychEffect of grading and moisture on the deformation properties of unbound granular aggregates L.U. MathisenIDOT test loop: Evaluating the field performance of various dense graded aggregates G. HeckelAnalytical evaluation of unbound granular layers in regard to permanent deformation L.A.T. Brito, A.R. Dawson & P.J. KolisojaProcessed Portuguese steel slag-A new geomaterial A. Gomes Correia, S.M. Reis Ferreira, A.J. Roque & A. CavalheiroResilient modulus of hydraulically bound road base materials with high volume waste dust H. Al Nageim & P. VisuliosCharacterizing natural and recycled granular materials for (sub)base layers of roads by cyclic triaxial testing C. Gregoire, B. Dethy, J. Detry & A. Gomes CorreiaResilient modulus of unbound base material containing extra waste - Stancombe limestone dust B. Saghafi & H. Al NageimCharacterizing aggregate permanent deformation behavior based on types and amounts of fines D. Mishra, E. Tutumluer, J. Kern & A. ButtAsphalt mixturesUse of polymer modified binders to reduce rutting in Nordic asphalt pavements B.O. Lerfald, J. Aurstad & N.S. Uthus Contribution of asphalt mix components to permanent deformation resistance P.M. Muraya, A.A.A. Molenaar & M.F.C. van de VenA new rutting evaluation indicator for asphalt mixtures K. Su, L. Sun, Y. Hachiya & R. MaekawaEvaluation of different predictive dynamic modulus models of asphalt mixtures used in Argentina F.O. Martinez & S.M. AngeloneDevelopment of wear resistant pavements using polymer modified binders R.G. Saba, L.J. Baklokk, J. Aksnes & B.O. LerfaldPermanent deformation evaluation of Idaho Superpave mixes using the gyratory stability F. Bayomy, A. Abu Abdo & M.J. SantiPrediction of the dynamic modulus of Superpave mixes A. Abu Abdo, F. Bayomy, R. Nielsen, T. Weaver, S.J. Jung & M.J. SantiLaboratory evaluation of warm mix asphalt using Sasobitî S.W. Goh, Y. Liu & Z. YouDynamic modulus prediction of asphalt concrete using three tensile tests S. Adhikari & Z. YouAssessing low temperature properties of asphalt materials by means of static testing techniques M. Wistuba, K. Mollenhauer & K. MetzkerAgeing of stone mastic asphalt and evaluation of cracking resistance S. Buchler, K. Mollenhauer, M. Wistuba & P. RenkenFatigue resistance of hot mix asphalt at low temperatures-Is there a way to reduce the test efforts? K. Mollenhauer & M. WistubaHot mix asphalt produced from marble waste C. Gurer, H. Akbulut & A. YildizDiscrete element analysis of aggregate variability, blending, and fracture in asphalt mixture E. Masad, E. Mahmoud & S. NazarianMultidirectional behavior of bituminous mixture P. Clec'h, C. Sauzeat & H. Di BenedettoDesign of pavements containing foamed bitumen recycled layers M. Losa, R. Bacci, A. Terrosi Axerio & P. LeandriLong-term study on asphalt mixture segregation in Connecticut: Preliminary results on use of MTV D.J. Nener-Plante & A. ZofkaIn-situ measurement techniques and developmentsDevelopment of the UK highways agency traffic speed deflectometer B. Ferne, P. Langdale, N. Round & R. FaircloughImplementation of a network-level falling weight deflectometer survey of Virginia's interstate system B.K. Diefenderfer, T. Chowdhury & R.A. Shekharan Application of FBG strain sensors in the measurement of three-directional strains within asphalt pavement D. Zejiao, T. Yiqiu, C. Fengchen & L. Hao3D visualization model of road surface X. Li, S. Ma & X. HouThree years of high speed deflectograph measurements of the Danish state road network S. BaltzerA method for benefiting pavement quality assurance measures related to roughness condition surveys C. Plati & A. LoizosStructural roadway assessment with frequency response function J.-M. Simonin, D. Lievre & J.-C. DargentonDeflection measurement: The need of a continuous and full view approach J.-M. Simonin, L.-M. Cottineau, V. Muzet, C. Heinkele & Y. GuillardModeling & methods of functional testingLaboratory characterization of half-warm mix asphalts with high recycling rate by means of the factorial experiment design approach F. Olard, E. Beduneau, D. Bonneau, S. Dupriet & N. SeignezViability of the use of construction and demolition debris in hot mix asphalt I. Perez, M. Toledano & J. GallegoThermal stresses of asphalt pavement with temperature-dependent modulus of elasticity Y. Zhong & L.GengRigid pavement reinforcement: Modeling of structural behavior P. Domingos, M.L. Antunes & J.M.C. NevesDevelopment and testing of low noise pavements in Norway J. Aksnes, R.G. Saba & T. BergeRoughness progression models by regression and artificial neural network techniques E. Taddesse & H. MorkJoint modeling for JPCP: Successes and pending problemsE.H. GuoMechanistic modelling of potential interlayer slip at base sub-base level E. Horak, J.W. Maina, S.E. Emery & B. WalkerPFC2D simulation research on vibrating compaction test of soil and rock aggregate mixture X. Jia, H. Chai, Z. Yan & Y. ZhengAxi-symmetric analyses of vertically inhomogeneous elastic multilayered systems J.W. Maina, Y. Ozawa & K. MatsuiModels to estimate k subgrade reaction modulus values based on deflection basin parameters C.Y. Suzuki, C.R.G. Santos, S. Ferri, F.M. Lopes, R.T.G. Cruz & A.M. Azevedo Application of gray theory in settlement forecast of rock-fill highway embankment X. Wang, W. Qin, M.C. Wang & Z. WangFEM analysis of the bearing plate deflection tests on rubblized concrete pavementY. Liu, Y. Sheng & L. WangData mining applied to compaction of geomaterials R. Marques, A. Gomes Correia & P. CortezFinite element analyses of pavement materials at or near failure: A constant bulk modulus approach C. Gonzalez & S. JerseyUse of 3-dimensional discrete element model to examine aggregate layer particle movement due to load wander P.R. Donovan, E. Tutumluer & H. HuangBackcalculation analyses of deflection measurementsBackcalculation of the stiffnesses of cement treated base courses using artificial intelligence M. Miradi, A.A.A. Molenaar, M.F.C. van de Ven & S. MolenaarBearing capacity assessment of recycled asphalt pavementsV. Papavasiliou & A. LoizosDynamic analysis of non-destructive tests W.T. van Bijsterveld & R.L. Alvarez LorancaAutomated pavement thickness evaluation for FWD backcalculation K.R. Maser, L.A. McGrath, B.C. Miller, H. Ceylan & G. SanatiAnalysis of FWD data and characterization of airfield pavement materials in New Mexico M.U. Ahmed, R. Bisht & R.A. TarefderSOFTSYS for backcalculation of full-depth asphalt pavement layer moduli O. Pekcan, E. Tutumluer & J. Ghaboussi Deterministic-empirical backcalculation of LWD deflection basins R.N. Stubstad, H.C. Korsgaard, K. Olsen & J.P. PedersenNew and/or innovative techniques in compaction & constructionLong-term in-situ measurements of concrete culverts with high fills J. Vaslestad, G.Y. Yesuf & T.H. JohansenResearch and applications of new pavement structure based on large stone porous asphalt mixture B. Yufeng, W. Songgen & G. HuberFiber-reinforced concrete pavement design and material requirements A. Bordelon & J.R. RoeslerUsing falling weight deflectometer data for new construction interactive design C.A. LenngrenAppraisal of density-based field compaction control test validity J. Sadrekarimi & S. Seyyedi Continuous compaction control: Preliminary data from a Delaware case study F.S. Tehrani & C.L. MeehanGeostatistical analysis of roller-integrated continuous compaction control data N. Facas, M. Mooney & R. FurrerVOLUME IIStructural evaluation & performance prediction Evaluation of effectiveness of FWD use for assessment of pavement interlayer bond D. Sybilski, T. Mechowski & P. HarasimThe use of impact-stiffness modulus outputs from FWD measurements to determine PCN in Israel M. LivnehTemperature correction of falling weight deflectometer measurements E. Straube & D. JansenNature resources and functional road design criteria C.A. Lenngren & R. FredrikssonLightweight deflectometers for quality assurance in road construction P.R. Fleming, M.W. Frost & J.P. LambertThe use of surfacing service life as a parameter in pavement strengthening design G. Refsdal, R. Johansen & G. BerntsenGoing beyond elastic response while evaluating falling weight deflectometer data C.A. LenngrenPavement contribution to truck rolling resistance C.A. LenngrenStructural assessment of the English strategic road network-latest developments B. Ferne, R. Sinhal & R. FaircloughPractical use of light weight deflectometer for pavement design S. Baltzer, C. Hejlesen, H.C. Korsgaard & P.E. JakobsenStructural evaluation of rubblized concrete pavements in Iowa H. Ceylan, K. Gopalakrishnan & S. Kim Structural evaluation of Full-Depth Reclamation in Virginia A.K. Apeagyei & B.K. DiefenderferStructural design systems for new construction & rehabilitation A probabilistic approach to flexible aircraft pavement thickness determination G.W. WhiteComparison of design thickness between the 1993 AASHTO Guide and MEPDG for full depth reclamation pavement Y. Ji & T.E. NantungDynamic response of rigid pavements under moving traffic loads with variable velocities Y. Zhong & L. Geng Design of pavement rehabilitation to reduce the reflective cracking in pavements with cement stabilized bases E. PadillaVerification of mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide for the state of New Jersey N. Siraj, Y.A. Mehta, K.M. Muriel & R.W. SauberMechanistic evaluation of second generation preservation overlays D.A. Morian, S. Sadasivam, S.M. Stoffels, G. Chehab & T. KumarA robust approach for the evaluation of airport pavement bearing capacity Y.H. Lee, Y.B. Liu, J.D. Lin & H.W. KerInfluence of unbound materials on flexible pavement performance: A comparison of the AASHTO and MEPDG methods C.W. SchwartzBearing capacity designs for challenging conditions & load effectsThe premature failure of slab pavements on heavily trafficked industrial sites C. Van Geem & O. De MyttenaereThe discussion on the "b" value of the axle load conversion in China X. Wang & L. ZhangLoad bearing analysis of EPS-block geofoam embankments D. Arellano & T.D. StarkA review of the influence of chalk on pavement performance in the South East of England, UK M. ZohrabiDesign methodology based on strength and its application to full weathering granite used in highway subgrade Z. Li & C. DongSustainable reconstruction of highways with in-situ reclamation of materials stabilized for heavier loads H. Wen & T.B. EdilEstimating bearing capacity for opportune landing sites R. Affleck, L. Barna, S. Shoop & C. RyersonShear strength properties of naturally occurring bituminous sands J. Anochie-Boateng & E. TutumluerEffects of bearing capacity and load transfer efficiency of jointed concrete pavements on reflective cracking in hot-mix asphalt overlays J. Baek & I.L. Al-QadiBearing capacity designs for climatic conditionsUse of Ground Penetrating Radar for detection of salt concentration on Norwegian winter roads A. Lalague, I. Hoff, E. Eide & A. SvanekilSeasonal coefficients for the pavement roads in Polish climate conditions M. Graczyk Seal courses for a soft asphalt pavement with semi-rigid base in cold regions X. Wang, X. Zhang & Y. TanThermal stress analysis in ultra-thin whitetopping pavement J.R. Roesler & D. WangEffect of a changed climate on gravel roads P.O. Aursand & I. HorvliWater impact on the structural behavior of a pavement structure S. ErlingssonReinforcement of structural layersInvestigation of the effect of a polypropylene fiber material on the shear strength and CBR characteristics of high plasticity Ankara clay M. Mollamahmutoglu & Y. YilmazEvaluation of geogrid displacement on subbase reinforcement using specially designed pullout test M.V. Akpinar & T. SertPerformance of flexible pavements reinforced with steel fabric S.F. Said, H. Carlsson & H. HakimEvaluation of asphalt road pavement rehabilitation using steel mesh reinforcement J.M.C. Neves & A.R.D. AlvesIn-situ strain measurement during dynamic shear loading of an unbound geogrid reinforced pavement section B.R. Cox, B. Curry, C.M. Wood, C. Young & J.S. McCartneyExperimental study on bearing capacity of geocell-reinforced bases S.K. Pokharel, J. Han, R.L. Parsons, Y. Qian, D. Leshchinsky & I. HalahmiUtilization of recycled materials The influence of virgin aggregate content on the strength and modulus of cold in place reclaimed asphalt pavement H. Wang, P. Hao & K. ZhangUnbound crushed concrete in high volume roads-evaluation of field behavior and structural performance J. Aurstad, J.E. Dahlhaug & G. BerntsenExpansive characteristics of RAP materials for use as aggregates in the pavement substructure layers D. Deniz, E. Tutumluer & J.S. PopovicsStudy on fully and highly efficiently recycling of waste concrete L. Lu, Y. He & S. HuRailroad track structuresEvaluation of roadbed stiffness on bearing capacity of railroad ballast with discontinuous analysisT. Ishikawa, T. Kamei, E. Sekine & Y. OhnishiPressure measurements and structural performance of hot mixed asphalt railway trackbeds L.S. Bryson & J.G. Rose Emerging trends for high-speed rail track superstructures-ballastless track as an alternative to the ballasted track A.M. Paixao, E.C. Fortunato & M.L. AntunesAn innovative slab track test-line in China J. Ren, R. Xiang & B. LechnerPerformance improvement of railroads over soft subgrades with geocell reinforcement S. Saride, A.J. Puppala, S. Pradhan & T.G. SitharamActions on railway track panel and ballast-behavior of the Hellenic limestone ballast K. Giannakos & A. LoizosReducing track faults using polymer geocomposite technology P.K. Woodward, G. Medero & D.V. GriffithsBallast evaluation and hot mix asphalt performance H.M. LeesEffects of incorporating a bituminous subballast layer on the deformation of railway trackbeds T. Ferreira, P.F. Teixeira & R. CardosoInfluence of the stiffness-damping coupling of the foundation in the performance of a high-speed train track J. Cunha & A. Gomes CorreiaMeasurement of vibrations induced by high-speed trains J. Martins, A. Gomes Correia, L.F. Ramos, J. Marcelino, L. Caldeira & J. DelgadoThe use of biaxial geogrids for enhancing the performance of sub-ballast and ballast layers-previous experience and research J. Kwon & J. PenmanComparison of in situ performance-based tests methods to evaluate moduli of railway embankments A. Gomes Correia, J. Martins, L. Caldeira, E. Maranha das Neves & J. DelgadoRailway bridge transition case study J.P. Hyslip, D. Li & C.R. McDanielComparison of coal dust fouled railroad ballast behavior-granite vs. limestone W. Dombrow, H. Huang & E. TutumluerFull-scale testing Validation of NCAT structural test track experiment using INDOT APT facility E. LevenbergConstruction and field performance of hot mix asphalt with moderate and high RAP contents R. West, N. Tran, A. Kvasnak, B. Powell & P. TurnerAnalysis of in-pavement sensor data for CC2 new rigid test items at the FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility D.R. Brill & E.H. GuoUsing the viscoelasticity and continuum damage theories to quantify the effects of loading speed in accelerated pavement testing results K.M. Theisen, D.R. Victorino, W.P. Nunez & J.A.P. CerattiFull-scale aircraft tire pressure tests C. Fabre, J. Balay, P. Lerat & A. MazarsComparison of precast and cast-in-place concrete pavements responses under heavy vehicle simulator loads E. Kohler, J. Harvey, L. Du Plessis & L. MotumahField testing of concrete pavements at Chicago O'Hare International Airport Y.-S. Liu & D. LangeUnbonded concrete overlay movements in response to gear loads D.A. Morian, S. Sadasivam, J. Reiter, S.M. Stoffels, L. Yeh & A. IoannidesCase histories Idaho Airport saves time and money with full-depth reclamation G.E. HalstedMitigating unbound roadway rutting caused by groundwater movement V. DiyaljeeUse of bitumen emulsion in urban paving C.R. de Carvalho Filho, F.P. Cavalcante, C. de Medeiros Brito Cavalcante, J.A. Goncalves de Macedo & I.D. da Silva Pontes FilhoA case study: Quantification and modeling of asphalt overlay delamination on an airport pavement E. Horak, J.W. Maina & S.E. EmeryTaxiway embankment over soft ground using staged construction R. Wells, X. Barrett & T. WellsEvaluation of runway bearing capacity: In-situ measurements and laboratory tests A. Graziani, F. Cardone, E. Santagata & S. BarbatiLessons learned during regular monitoring of in situ pavement bearing capacity conditions P. Paige-Greenshow more