Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 1993

Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 1993 : Proceedings of the 160th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Belgirate, Italy, June 14-18, 1993

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THE MEETING The IAU Symposium 160 ASTEROIDS COMETS METEORS 1999 has been held at Villa Carlotta in Belgirate, on the shore of Lago Maggiore (Italy), from June 14 to June 18, 1993. It has been organized by the Astronomical Observatory of Torino and by the Lunar and Planetary Institute of Houston. It has been a very large meeting, with 323 registered participants from 38 countries. The scientific program included 29 invited reviews, 106 oral communications, and 215 posters. The subjects covered included all the aspects of the studies of the minor bodies of the solar system, including asteroids, comets, meteors, meteorites, interplanetary dust, with special focus on the interrelationships between these. The meeting was structured as follows. 5 morning plenary sessions have been devoted to invited reviews on: (1) search programs (2) populations of small bodies (3) dynamics (4) physical observations and modelling (5) origin and evolution. Two afternoon plenary sessions have been devoted to space missions to small bodies and to interrelationships between the different populations. The afternoon parallel sessions have been devoted to: dynamics of comets; Toutatis, Ida, Gaspra; physical processes in cometary comae and tails; meteorites; the cosmogonic message from cometary nuclei; physics of asteroids; the interplanetary dust complex; comet nuclei; meteors; composition and material properties of comets; dynamics of asteroids.
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Table of contents

Introduction. Search Programs. Search Programs for Comets; B.G. Marsden. Computer Aided near Earth Object Detection; J.V. Scotti. The Kuiper Belt; J. Luu. Density of Meteoroids and their Mass Influx on the Eart; P.B. Babadzhanov. Populations of Small Bodies. Asteroid Albedos and Diameters; E.F. Tedesco. In Memoriam -- Lubor Kresak; A. Carusi, G. Valsecchi. Comets (Existing Populations); L. Kresak. The Comet--Asteroid Transition: Recent Telescopic Observations; L.A. McFadden. Meteroid Streams; D. Steel. Zodiacal Dust Bands; S.F. Dermott, D.D. Durda, B.A.S. Gustafson, S. Jayaraman, J.C. Kiou, Y.L. Xu. Dynamics. Asteroid Proper Elements: the Big Picture; Z. Knezevic, A. Milani. The Dynamics of the Trojan Asteroids; A. Milani. Kirkwood Gaps and Resonant Groups; S. Ferraz-Mello. The Secular Resonances in the Solar System; Ch. Froeschle, A. Morbidelli. Meteorite Delivery and Transport; P. Farinella, Cl. Froeschle, R. Gonczi. Dynamics of Comets: Recent Developments and New Challenges; J.A. Fernandez. A Review of Comets and Non-Gravitational Forces; D.K. Yeomans. Physical Observations and Modeling. Asteroid Spectroscopy and Mineralogy; T.H. Burbine, R.P. Binzel. Coherent Backscattering by Solar System Dust Particles; K. Muinonen. Cometary Nuclei; H. Rickman. Molecular Abundances in Comets; J. Crovisier. Comets as Reflection of Interstellar Medium Chemistry; J.M. Greenberg, O.M. Shalabiea. Meteoroid Properties from Photographic Records of Meteors and Fireballs; Z. Ceplecha. Observations from Space. The Galileo Encounters with Gaspra and Ida; C.R. Chapman.Dust Measurements in the Outer Solar System; E. Grun. The Rosetta Mission to Primitive Bodies of the Solar System; Y. Langevin. Origin and Evolution. Asteroid Families; V. Zappala, A. Cellino. Comet Taxonomy and Evolution; D.G. Schleicher. Small Bodies around Other Stars; B. Sicardy. Formation of the Outer Solar System Bodies: Comets and Planetesimals; M.E. Bailey. Data Bases. The ACM93 Small Bodies Data Bases. IRAS Minor Planets Survey; E.F. Tedesco. A Composite Catalogue of Asteroid Proper Elements; A. Milani, E. Bowell, Z. Kne evi , A. Lemaitre, A. Morbidelli, K. Muimonen. The Uppsala Asteroid Data Base; P. Magnusson, C.-I. Lagerkvist, M. Dahlgren, A. Erikson, M.A. Barucci, I. Belskaya, M.T. Capria. A Public-Domain Asteroid Orbit Data Base; E. Bowell, K. Muinonen, L.H. Wasserman. An Overview of Datasets on Small Bodies Available through the Planetary Data System and SOARD; D.R. Davis, M. A'Hearn, E. Grayzeck, M.V. Sykes, E.M. Alvarez del Castillo, D. Tholen, K. Garlow. MPC and ICQ Databases; B.G. Marsden, D.W.E. Green, G.V. Williams. The Uppsala Comet Magnitude Data Base; L. Kamel. Meteoroid Orbits available from the IAU Meteor Data Center; B.A. Lindblad, D.I. Steel. Index.
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