Asian Tofu

Asian Tofu : Discover the Best, Make Your Own, and Cook it at Home

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From sleek, silken tofu with delicate toppings to piping-hot fried satchels in a robust sauce, tofu provides a versatile canvas for the intricate flavors and textures that Asian and vegetarian cooks have long enjoyed. America has embraced tofu as a healthy, affordable ingredient. And while it has been welcomed into sophisticated mainstream dining, tofu is often hidden in Western guises and in limited applications. In her third intrepid cookbook, celebrated food writer and teacher ANDREA NGUYEN aims to elevate this time-honored staple to a new place of prominence on every table. "Asian" "Tofu" s nearly 100 recipes explore authentic, ancient fare and modern twists that capture the culinary spirit of East, Southeast, and South Asia. There are spectacular favorites from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and India, as well as delicious dishes from Taipei, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and New York. Andrea demystifies tofu and interprets traditional Asian cuisine for cooks, sharing compelling personal stories and dispatches from some of the world s best tofu artisans along the way. For those who want to take their skills to the next level, the tofu tutorial clearly outlines tofu-making technique, encouraging readers to experiment with the unparalleled flavors of homemade varieties. But time-pressed cooks needn t fear: while a few recipes, such as Silken Tofu and Seasoned Soy Milk Hot Pot, are truly best with homemade tofu, most are terrific with store-bought products. Some traditional dishes combine tofu with meat in brilliant partnerships, such as Spicy Tofu with Beef and Sichuan Peppercorn and Tofu with Kimchi and Pork Belly, but this collection is predominantly vegetarian and vegan, including the pristinely flavored Spiced Tofu and Coconut in Banana Leaf and vibrant Spicy Lemongrass Tofu Salad. And innovations such as Okara Doughnuts reveal tofu s more playful side. For health- and eco-conscious eaters and home chefs who are inspired to make the journey from bean to curd, "Asian Tofu" is the perfect guide."show more

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Review quote

IACP Cookbook Award finalist "The most gratifying part about cooking fromAsian Tofuis that all the recipes work the way they re written." Boston Globe "This book should be a priority for anyone with the slightest interest in Asian cuisines." Anne Mendelson, Taste & Travel Flavorful meditations on soy. Christine Mulhke, New York Times, Summer Cookbook roundup, 5/31/12 "If you're the kind of person who has only one, or two, or three ways to prepare tofu or is just plain mystified by the whole world of bean curd "Asian Tofu"is a godsend." T. Susan Chang, National Public Radio, 2012's Best Summer Cookbooks, 5/23/12 "Beautiful, knowledgeable and thorough, this is the best book on tofu to make its way to my bookshelves. Highly recommended." Carolyn J. Phillips, Zester Daily, 5/22/12 "Andrea Nguyen s new cookbook, "Asian Tofu"(Ten Speed Press, $30), might sound like a succinct, single-subject treatise. However, the book her third is actually a robust tome, almost like a biography of the soybean, from how it s used in multiple Asian cuisines to how it s relevant in contemporary American food culture." Priscilla Mayfield, Orange Coast Magazine, 5/10/12 "This fresh, imaginative take on tofu includes an easy, practical lesson on making your own (we tried it, and it works like a charm), as well as a wide assortment of recipes for both traditional and imaginative foods. . . .Nguyen makes it appealingly clear that tofu is to be prized for itself and not for its utility as a meat substitute." KitchenArts and Lettersbookstore, Spring 2012 newsletter "A whole cookbook devoted to tofu? Yes, please. Andrea Nguyen'snewly released "Asian Tofu"is a gorgeous guide to all things bean curd." Caroline Russock, Serious Eats, "Cook the Book"feature, April 2012 ""Asian Tofu"gives soybeans some much needed love. Punctuated with gorgeous images, the cookbook breaks down everything you need to know about tofu, from making it yourself to the various styles and uses in different cuisines. Goodbye, drab associations. Hello, full-flavored revelation." Tasting Table National, "Soy Genius," 3/28/12 "Nguyen presents tofu recipes through a dazzling array of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and other cuisines that are approachable and easy for the home cook." Garrett McCord, Huffington Post, "The Soy Sensation,"3/28/12 A fantastic fresh take on an ingredient that is, frankly, overlooked far too frequently. Eater National, 3/2/12 A keeper. . . If you're still reading this with the same "I must make that!" enthusiasm we felt as we flipped through "Asian Tofu," then yes, this is a must-have book. LA Weekly's Squid Ink blog, Cookbook of the Week, 3/1/12 Serious tofu lovers (and that includes me) will be amazed by the recipes and lore in Andrea Nguyen s masterful new book. Those more skeptical will become immediate converts to one of the world s most elemental, versatile, and delicious foods. James Oseland, editor-in-chief of "Saveur" and author of "Cradle of Flavor" Andrea Nguyen s exquisite book restores tofu to its proper place one based on deep craft, elegance, and imagination. Here is tofu in its Asian context where it is deeply appreciated for its goodness, not the promises for health we Westerners have endowed it with. An altogether gorgeous work, "Asian Tofu" not only answers whatever questions you might have about tofu, but is graced with the author s adventures on the tofu trail. Deborah Madison, author of "This Can t Be Tofu!" and "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" Andrea Nguyen has done it again, taking another subject that crosses many cultural lines and can be a touch intimidating and demystifying it, making one immediately want to try these techniques and recipes. The Homemade Tofu Tutorial at the beginning is inspiring and worth the price of admission alone. David Kinch, chef-owner of Manresa restaurant This book is worth buying just for the glorious Tofu Chicken Meatballs in Lemongrass Broth. But it is full of other tofu wonders from up and down the East Asian coast such as Soft Tofu and Seafood Hotpot and Savory Tofu Pudding. It will find much use on my shelf. Madhur Jaffrey, actress, cookbook author, and TV journalist"show more

About Andrea Quynhgiao Nguyen

Andrea Nguyen is one of the country s leading voices on Asian cuisine and the author of the acclaimed"Asian Dumplings"and the James Beard and IACP-nominated"Into the Vietnamese Kitchen." She has written for"Saveur"magazine, where she is also a contributing editor, the"Los Angeles Times," and many more publications. She is also the creator of the Asian Market Shopper app. Her engaging and knowledgeable writing on cuisine and culture has attracted a loyal and well-deserved readership that actively follows her blog, Andrea lives in Santa Cruz, California."show more

Table of contents

Introduction    1 Tofu Buying Guide    7 Tofu Cooking Tips    14   Homemade Tofu Tutorial  Master Soy Milk Recipe    23 Silken Tofu    28 Tofu Pudding    30    Block Tofu    32 Seasoned Pressed Tofu    38 Tea-Smoked Pressed Tofu    40 White Fermented Tofu    41 Fresh Tofu Skin    44 Soy-Simmered Fried Tofu    46   Fresh and Satisfying  Snacks and Starters  NAKED AND SIMPLE  Japanese Chilled Tofu    51 Chilled Tofu with Crunchy Baby Sardines    53 Chilled Tofu with Spicy Sauce    54 Tofu Skin Sashimi    55 Tofu with Century Eggs    56 Savory Tofu Pudding    59   GRILLED AND FRIED Miso-Glazed Broiled Tofu    61 Fermented Tofu, Lemongrass, and Goat Skewers    63 Grilled Crisp Tofu Pockets    67 Fried Tofu with Chile Peanut Sauce    69 Deep-Fried Tofu    70   CREATIVE AND MODERN  Spiced Tofu and Vegetable Fritters    71  Tofu French Fries    74 Fresh Tofu with Sauces and Toppings    75   Soothing and Soft  Soups and Hot Pots  CASUAL AND SPECIAL SOUPS Tofu, Tomato, and Dill Soup    79 Miso Soup    80 Tofu, Seaweed, and Pork Soup    81 Hot-and-Sour Soup    82 Silken Tofu and Edamame Soup    84 Tofu Bamboo and Chicken Soup    86   WARMING HOT POTS Warm Simmered Tofu    87 Silken Tofu and Seasoned Soy Milk Hot Pot    89 Soy Milk Lees and Kimchi Hot Pot    91 Soft Tofu and Seafood Hot Pot    93 Stuffed Tofu in Broth    94   Homey and Wholesome  Main Dishes  STIR-FRIED, PANFRIED, AND BRAISED Stir-Fried Tofu, Shrimp, and Peas    100 Spicy Tofu with Beef and Sichuan Peppercorn    101 Panfried Tofu with Mushroom and Spicy Sesame Sauce    103 Tea-Smoked Tofu with Pepper and Pork    104 Bitter Melon with Tofu and Pork    106 Tofu with Tomato and Green Onion    107 Lemongrass Tofu with Chiles    108 Hakka-Style Stuffed Tofu    109   DEEP-FRIED AND ROASTED Twice-Cooked Coriander Tofu    112 Soy Milk Lees and Vegetable Croquettes    114 Batter-Fried Tofu with Chile Soy Sauce    116 Roast Chicken with Red Fermented Tofu    117 Crisp Roasted Pork Belly    119 POACHED, SIMMERED AND STEAMED Simmered Greens with Fried Tofu    121 Tofu and Vegetables in Coconut Milk     124 Spiced Tofu and Coconut in Banana Leaf    127 Tofu Chicken Meatballs in Lemongrass Broth    129   Versatile and Delicious  Salads and Sides  TOSSED Tofu Noodle and Vegetable Salad    133 White Tofu, Sesame, and Vegetable Salad    135 Greens and Fried Tofu in Mustard Sauce    136 Spicy Lemongrass Tofu Salad    137 Pressed Tofu and Peanuts in Spicy Bean Sauce    138   SAUTEED, STIR-FRIED, AND SIMMERED  Spicy Yuba Ribbons    139 Savory Soy Milk Lees with Vegetables    142 Bean Sprouts with Panfried Tofu and Chinese Chives    143 Tofu with Kimchi and Pork Belly    145 Water Spinach with Fermented Tofu    147 Fermented Tofu Simmered in Coconut Milk    148   Religion and Artistry  Mock Meats  Tofu and Vegetable Fritters    154 Sweet and Savory Tofu Eel    157 Bear Paw Tofu    159 Cellophane Noodle and Tofu Rolls    161 Savory Okara Crumbles    163   Building on Traditions  Buns, Dumplings, Crepes, Noodles, and Rice  Spicy-Sweet Fried Tofu Buns    167 Tofu Steak Burgers    170 Vegetarian Wontons in Chile Oil    172 Tofu, Pork, and Kimchi Dumplings    174 Chinese Chive and Pressed Tofu Turnovers    177 Spiced Chickpea Crepes with Soybean Paneer    179 Fried Shrimp Tofu Skin Rolls    182 Stir-Fried Thai Noodles    184 Foxy Tofu Noodle Soup    187 Sushi Rice in Tofu Pouches    188 Fried Rice with Fermented Red Tofu    191   Amazing Transformations  Sweets and Dessert  SOLIDIFIED, SQUEEZED, AND GRATED Sweet Tofu Pudding with Ginger Syrup    195 Tofu Blancmange with Cured Pineapple and Lime    196 Essence of Tofu Ice Cream    198 Tofu Tiramisu    199 Cashew and Cardamom Fudge    201   BYPRODUCT BONUSES Gingery Chocolate Chip Cookies    202 Okara Doughnuts    203   Basics  Chinese Sweet Fragrant Soy Sauce    207 Japanese Seasoned Soy Concentrate    208 Korean Seasoned Soy Sauce    209 Thai Sweet Chile Sauce    210 Chile and Sichuan Peppercorn Mix    211 Fermented Tofu, Lemongrass, and Chile Sauce    212 Chile Oil    213 Chicken Stock    214 Dashi Stock    215 Savory Kelp Relish    216 Tamarind Liquid    217 Green Chutney    218     Ingredients    219 Selected Bibliography    224 Acknowledgments    225 Index    226 Measurement Conversion Charts    231show more
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