Arguing in Communities

Arguing in Communities : Reading and Writing Arguments in Context

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This introduction to argumentation with integrated readings and abundant activities combines coverage of the principles of classical argument, with a focus on the various community contexts - historical and contemporary - that influence arguments.
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  • Paperback | 880 pages
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  • McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
  • Mayfield Publishing Co ,U.S.
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  • Revised
  • 3rd Revised edition
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  • 0767416813
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Table of contents

*indicates a selection new to this edition PART ONE: ESSENTIAL PRINCIPLES Chapter 1, ARGUMENTS IN CONTEXT Community and Context Rhetorical Situations within Communities The Life Cycle of a Rhetorical Situation Responding to a Rhetorical Situation A General Method for Arguing The Principles in Action: Readings Understanding Communities J. B. PRIESTLEY, Wrong Ism BILL WODRASKA, The Gentle Art of Hunkering AMY BRUCKMAN, Finding One's Own in Cyberspace ANALYZING EVERYDAY ARGUMENTS *RICK REILLY, The Swooshification of the World *ROBERT GOLDMAN and STEPHEN PAPSON, Suddenly the Swoosh Is Everywhere Considering Columbine: The Rhetorical Situation "What Are You Wearing to the Prom?" *DENVER POST, Columbine Timeline *MIKE SORGHAN, Tragedy Focuses Attention on Gun Bills *CHUCK GREEN, It's Time to Find Out What's Wrong with Our Hateful Society Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Chapter 2, ANALYZING AND EVALUATING ETHOS Ethos: Arguing from Credibility Creating Ethos The Principles in Action: Readings Ethos and Personal Experience LESLIE MARMOM SILKO, The Border Patrol State *CAROLYN EDY, Single Motherhood Is a Joy, Not a Disaster *CHAN-LIN TIEN, A View from Berkeley Ethos in Visual Argument: Corporate Image Making Considering Columbine: Responding to the Shootings *NEWSWEEK Panel Discussion, Moving Beyond the Blame Game *DARRELL SCOTT, Speech to Congress after Columbine Massacre *DEVON ADAMS, Mourn for the Killers, Too *CHARLTON HESTON, Address to the NRA Meeting Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Ethos at Work *SYLVIA CARY, The Big Bash *JAMES GILLIGAN, Reflections from a Life Behind Bars: Build Colleges Not Prisons Chapter 3, ANALYZING AND EVALUATING PATHOS Pathos: Arguing through Emotion Creating Pathos The Principles in Action: Readings Understanding Pathos GRETCHEN LETTERMAN, Tiny Fighters Are Victims of Mother's Smoke An Analysis of Letterman's Essay Pathos in Advertising Dakin Toy Advertisement American Red Cross Advertisement Humane Farming Association Advertisement Considering Columbine: Remembering the Victims *KENNETH WOODWARD, The Making of a Martyr *SCREEN CAPTURE, Voices of Columbine *JANET BINGHAM, "Gerda Weissmann Klein and Melissa Pillow: Holocaust Survivor Comforts Columbine Survivor" *ROGER ROSENBLATT, A Note for Rachel Scott * Students at High School Shooting Memorial Columbine Memorial Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Personal Experience and Emotion *JONATHAN COLVIN, Me, My Clone, and I (or In Defense of Human Cloning) *RON STODGHILL II, In Search of Brotherhood Pathos in Advertising *Nature Made Advertisement *Council for Biotechnology Information Advertisement *American Civil Liberties Union Advertisement *Du Pont Advertisement Chapter 4, ANALYZING AND EVALUATING LOGOS Logos: Arguing through Reasoning Creating Logos Claims Reasons Assumptions Evaluating Logos Fallacies Fallacies of Ethos Fallacies of Pathos Fallacies of Logos Quantitative Arguments The Principles in Action: Readings Playing the Numbers STEPHEN BUDIANSKY, The Numbers Racket: How Polls and Statistics Lie WILLIAM LUTZ, from Doublespeak *BILL BRYSON, The Risk Factor *BILL BRYSON, The Numbers Game Considering Columbine: Looking for Answers *BARBARA LERNER, The Killer Narcissists: The Missing Explanation *CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL, Levittown to Littleton: How the Suburbs Have Changed *JUDITH A. REISMAN, Cultivating Killers: Pop Culture Is Getting Away with Murder Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Practice with Fallacies *Exercises from ZACHARY SEECH, Logic in Everyday Life *Exercises from RALPH JOHNSON and J. ANTHONY BLAIR, Logical Self-Defense American Overconsumption *GREG CRITSER Let Them Eat Fat *BILL BRYSON, The Fat of the Land *LESLIE LAMBERT, Fat Like Me Chapter 5, WRITING ARGUMENTS The Process of Writing an Argument Adapting to the Community Challenging the Community Organizing Your Argument The Principles in Action: Readings Adapting to the Community ALABAMA CLERGYMEN, Public Statement by Eight Alabama Clergymen MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., Letter from Birmingham Jail *KEITH D. MILLER, Letter from Jail Challenging the Community *JONATHAN SWIFT, A Modest Proposal SALLIE TISDALE, We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse's Story *URSULA LEGUIN, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas *SANDRA FELDMAN, The Childswap Society Taking Your Turn *TITO MORALES, SUVS: Fuel-Wasting Garbage Trucks? *PATRICK VALA-HAYNES, What Does Online Shopping Cost Us? *MICHELE SCARFF, The Full-Time Stress of Part-Time Professors *CHRISTINE MITCHELL, When Living Is a Fate Worse than Death *AUDREY ROCK-RICHARDSON, Pay Your Own Way! (Then Thank Mom) *JUDY PUTNAM, Grieving for a Pet? I Won't Roll My Eyes *DONNA CORNACHIO, What Do I Get the Boy Who Has Everything? *EMILY MOORE, Why Teachers Are Not 'Those Who Can't' Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Humor, Satire, and Irony *GARRY B. TRUDEAU, Doonesbury *ANNA QUINDLEN, In Defense of *$##@$%# *DAVID OWEN, How I'm Doing *ANDY BOROWITZ, Day Trading Made Easy *GEORGE F. WILL, The Perils of Brushing *ROBERTA F. BORKAT, A Liberating Curriculum Student Voices *RACHEL ROSSHIRT, Our Actors Need Help *KAYLA CRAWFORD, Quit Blaming Teachers for Low Academic Achievement *JEFF JONES, The Law of the New Economy *ERIN BEAVERS, The Case for Graduated Driver Licensing Chapter 6, WRITING RESEARCHED ARGUMENTS What Research Contributes to Argument Types of Research and Sources What Research Looks Like in Arguments The Process of Writing From Sources Documentation Styles The Principles in Action: Readings The Dihydrogen Monoxide Controversy *COALITION TO BAN DHMO, Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! *DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE RESEARCH DIVISION, Dihydrogen Monoxide FAQ *Material Safety Sheet for Dihydrogen Monoxide *HYDROGEN HYDROXIDE Now More than Ever! Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects *STEVEN LEVY, The Noisy War Over Napster *LARS ULRICH, It's Our Property *ADAM COHEN and CHRIS TAYLOR, The Infoanarchists *VANESSA HUA, If It Feels Good ... *DAN FOST, Napster Use Can Be Research *GINA ARNOLD, You Say You Want a Revolution? *KEELY COSBY, Should the Fate of Napster be Determined by the Interpretation of Law? PART TWO: TYPES OF CLAIMS Chapter 7, ARGUING CLAIMS ABOUT EXISTENCE Our Differences about Experience Questions about Existence Evaluating Claims about Existence The Principles in Action: Readings The Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony *ELIZABETH LOFTUS, Eyewitnesses Essential But Unreliable BARRY WINSTON, Stranger Than True: Why I Defend Guilty Clients The Media and Reported Experience NEIL POSTMAN and STEVE POWERS, What Is News? Controversial Claims about Existence *DAVID FRANCE, The HIV Disbeliever *CURTIS PEEBLES, Abductions and Abductionists Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects The Digital Divide *CHRIS O'MALLEY, The Digital Divide *THOMAS A. STEWART, A Nation of Net Have-Nots? No. *ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, III, Falling for the Gap *LOGAN HILL, Racial Digital Divide JENNIFER LACH, Crossing the Digital Divide Chapter 8, ARGUING CLAIMS ABOUT CAUSALITY Types of Causes Constructing Cause-and-Effect Diagrams Explaining Causality Evaluating Claims about Causality The Principles in Action: Readings VIRGINIA JENKINS, from The Lawn: A History of an American Obsession *FORD FESSENDEN, They Threaten, Seethe and Unhinge, Then Kill in Quantity and How Youngest Killers Differ: Peer Support *MICHAEL W. FOX, Manure, Minerals, and Methane *TERRY CAESAR, In and Out of Elevators in Japan Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Male Body Image *HARRISON G. POP, JR., et al, Evolving Ideas of Male Body Image as Seen Through Action Toys *RICHARD LACAYO, Are You Man Enough? Computers and Youth Culture *IAN ZACK, Universities Find Sharp Rise in Computer-Aided Cheating *JOHN LELAND, The Secret Life of Teens *AMY HARMON, Study Says Net Use, Depression May Be Linked Chapter 9, ARGUING CLAIMS ABOUT LANGUAGE Our Differences about Language Arguing about What Words Mean Defining Troublesome Terms Arguing about How Language Should be Used Evaluating Claims about Language The Principles in Action: Readings Language and Advertising LESLIE SAVAN, The Bribed Soul CHARLES O'NEILL, The Language of Advertising Defining a Troublesome Term: What Is Love? ROBERT SOLOMON, Models and Metaphors: The Game of Love *THOMAS SOWELL, Love and Other Four-Letter Words Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Chapter 10, ARGUING CLAIMS ABOUT VALUES Our Disagreements about Values Arguing about What We Value Evaluation Evaluating Claims about Values The Principles in Action: Readings Value Systems *ROBERT L. SIMON, Get Students Past "Absolutophobia" *ROBERT D. RIEKE and MALCOLM O. SILLARS, American Value Systems Ethical Discussions in Business, Law, and Medicine ALBERT CARR, Is Business Bluffing Ethical MONROE FREEDMAN, Professional Responsibility of the Criminal Defense Lawyer RAYMOND DUFF and A. G. M. CAMPBELL, Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in the Special-Care Nursery Evaluating the Quality of Consumer Goods *CONSUMER REPORTS, It's Only Water, Right? *CONSUMER REPORTS, Mmmm Chocolate *CONSUMER REPORTS, Cream of the Crop *CONSUMER REPORTS, Roll Models Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects The Internet and the Right to Privacy *JEFFREY ROSEN, The Eroded Self *TOM CATTAPAN, Destroying E-Commerce's Cookie Monster Image Ethical Issues Related to Cloning *NEW SCIENTIST, The Last Taboo *COMMONWEAL, Of Mice, Jellyfish, and Us *MICHAEL D. LEMONICK, Could a Clone Ever Run for President *MARGARET TALBOT, Clone of Silence OLIVER MORTON, Clone a Friend Chapter 11, ARGUING CLAIMS ABOUT ACTIONS Kaizen and Our Disagreements about Actions Problems and Solutions Individual and Collective Action Evaluating Claims about Actions The Principles in Action: Readings Responding to Controversial Social Issues MOLLY IVINS, Ban the Things. Ban Them All CORETTA SCOTT KING, The Death Penalty Is a Step Back *RUSSELL BAKER, Taking the Saps Solving Complex Problems *GIL GARCETTI, Distinguishing Between Felons and Truants *DAVE PLANK, Deadly Dosing *from THE ECONOMIST, A Global Disaster Addressing Incivility *DAVID TAYLOR, No, Please, After You *KATIE ROIPHE, Campus Climate Control Practicing the Principles: Activities Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Grading: Problems and Solutions *JOHN LEO, 'A' for Effort *PAUL GOODMAN, A Proposal to Abolish Grading *KURT WIESENFELD, Making the Grade Changing the Educational Environment *LYLA FOX, Hold Your Horsepower *NATE STULMAN, The Great Campus Goof-Off Machine *PATRICA A. KING, Science for Girls Only Chapter 12, Arguing with Images The Variety of Visual Arguments Product Logos Advertisements Political Communication Propaganda News Entertainment Art Design The Rhetorical Situation and Visual Arguments Images and Persuasion Visual Ethos Visual Pathos Visual Logos Strategies of Visual Argument Applying the Principles: Analytical Projects Images Go to War STEVEN PERRY, Infestations of the National Body: Hitler's Rhetorical Portrait of the Jews Framing News Photographs TERRY SPENCER, Months of Preparation Got Miami Photographer Winning Shot ROBERT CAPA, D-Day, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France HARRY LEADER / CORBIS BETTMANN, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Saluting His Father's Casket EDDIE ADAMS, Vietnamese Brig. Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan Executing a Viet Cong Prisoner on a Saigon Street NICK UT, Vietnamese Girl Fleeing a Napalm Attack JOHN FILO, Mary Anne Vecchio over the Body of Jeffrey Miller Campaign Advertisements ESTHER THORSON, What's the Spin? Practicing the Principles: Activities TIME Magazine Covers The 30-Second Candidate The Human Face You Are What You Wear Images in Advertising Applying the Principles On Your Own: Two Projects Becoming an Ad Critic Images of September 11, 2001 Editorial Cartoons
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