Angelina's Secret

Angelina's Secret

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"As a child, Angelina spent years in counseling learning that Josie, her imaginary friend, wasn't real, but it turns out her childhood friend wasn't imaginary after all. Now Angelina has to accept she's either (A) crazy or (B) able to see ghosts. Wantingto believe in her sanity, she chooses (B) and welcomes Josie back into her life. But even Josie can't help her deal with Shelly, the spirit of a confused teenager, and things go very, very wrong. When Angelina finds herself in a psychiatric hospital, shefaces a choice: she can spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she isn't, or she can embrace who she is and take a chance that she may never get to go home."--Publisher's more

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  • Paperback | 240 pages
  • 152.4 x 226.06 x 17.78mm | 408.23g
  • Spencer Hill Press
  • Contoocook, United States
  • English
  • Reprint
  • 0983157286
  • 9780983157281
  • 997,128

Our customer reviews

Angelina is in high school, she is a cheerleader, and has recently broken up with her boyfriend, your typical teenager, right.....not. You see, Angelina sees ghosts. She not only sees them, she carries on conversations with them, interacts with them, and is even friends with them. Angelina has been having dreams, sometimes terrible dreams, that come true. When she tries to talk to her mother about it, her mom just gets upset and dismisses her, telling her its nonsense. Then, Angelina begins to see Josie, her imaginary friend from when she was a child. Her mom made her go through 3 years of counseling because of Josie when she was younger. As it turns out, Josie is a ghost. Not only can Angelina see Josie, but she see's others as well. After a cheerleading routine influenced by another ghost, Shelly, her mom looses it and they decide to put Angelina in a mental hospital. Naturally, the doctors think she is hallucinating also, but Angelina finds out she's not the only one, and she is determined that her family believe her. Will her determination end up making believers of her family, or will it get her sent to the West Wing, where the really crazy people go? Angelina's Secret was an entertaining paranormal ghost story, not frightening at all, but interesting with its own unique paranormal twist on the whole "ghost" aspect. Angelina was a really sweet girl, and I felt sorry for her because her mom was so unrelenting in her determination to convince Angelina that the things she was seeing weren't real. I liked Sam, Angelina's brother, as well as Kobi and Rebecca, who like Angelina, could see ghosts. The most enjoyable and fun characters in the book, however, were the ghosts themselves, who helped to make this a lighthearted story, even in the midst of some serious situations. In fact, it is Josie and her ghostly cohorts that Angelina has to rely on to help her convince her family that she is not crazy. I found this book to be delightful. If you are looking for a quick, lighthearted, paranormal read, then this is one you probably would more
by Ellen Gault
This is such a neat idea! To actually explore the idea of people seeing and talking to ghosts being viewed as mentally unstable. You always have to wonder with the paranormal why this isn't actually at least hinted at, because when I am reading I often wonder what I would think of someone in my life if they actually experienced the paranormal, so hats of to Ms. Rogers for exploring this! It is also worth mentioning that this is a paranormal that can stand on its own merits rather than being centered on a romantic connection. While I love romance in my paranormal, it is sometimes refreshing when it takes a back seat. Instead, Angelina's Secret focuses on family connections, and Angelina's relationship with Josie. Speaking of Josie, I really liked her character. I love elderly folks, and especially when they are incorporated well into a story that I am reading. I think they add another dimension to the plot that cannot be fully explored through the protagonist or their parents. I actually enjoyed some of the secondary characters like Sam, Josie and Koby more than Angelina. I would love to have a brother like that--he is so protective and they have a tight relationship. I appreciate how he tried to see her side and not just jump to conclusions, while still wanting what is best for her. Not to say that I didn't like Angelina, she was a nice host to the story. I finished this in one sitting!show more
by Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)
Angelina's Secret is the story of a seemingly normal girl, with a big secret. Angelina has premonitions, and sees ghosts. As a child, she was forced to think that the ghost who visited her was an imaginary friend. But when the ghost, Josie, shows up, along with a few others, she is forced to confront her biggest fear: Is she crazy or is she right? Either answer is a scary thought. Angelina's Secret was a book, I'm sad to say, that I just couldn't get in to. The opening was confusing. It opens in the midst of a premonition, Angelina envisioning herself in a situation, and I didn't know what was going on. Once I realized what was happening, the reading became easier. But still, I felt a bit disjointed as I was reading this. I felt a lack of connection or empathy to each character. I know that I was supposed to be frightened or worried for the state of Angelina's mental health, but I didn't. Maybe because she didn't have strong reactions to the situations she faced. She would simply go along with whatever was happening. Her friend Daphne was so off-putting in manners and speech, I tried to get through her dialogue as quickly as possible. But I guess you could say that I had feelings about one character, Angelina's mother. What an awful woman! Each time Angelina went to her for help or comfort, she would act as if Angelina was attacking her. She would cut Angelina off and shut down. I literally wanted to reach into my book and smack her. As for the ghosts, they weren't scary at all, but they were a bit comical. I don't know if that was intended or not. Being as some of them had been dead for many years, they experienced a lot of confusion with popular slang. There were a lot of mix-ups and misunderstandings in the conversations, which was kind of cute. In the end, it's a situation a lot like the movie Beetlejuice, with the ghosts and the family living together, happily ever after. Overall, I would say the biggest issue with the book, for me, was confusion. When I read the synopsis, the story seemed like a creepy thriller. Is Angelina crazy? There was never any question for me. So that left me with a girl, her ghosts, and the struggle to make her family understand. * I received an ARC of Angelina's Secret, in exchange for an honest review. *show more
by Andrea Thompson
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