Anderson Localization

Anderson Localization : Proceedings of the International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, August 16-18, 1987

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This book contains the invited review papers and contributed papers presented at the University of Tokyo International Symposium on Anderson localization. It provides an overview of rapidly developing topics related to this area, including the metal-insulator transition in doped semiconductors and disordered metals, weak localization phenomena in two- and three-dimensional dirty metals and semiconductor space-charge layers, the quantum Hall effect, and localization in strong magnetic fields, together with the newer subjects of quasicrystals and mesoscopic systems. Quasicrystals are particularly interesting because their wave functions exhibit self-similarity and are marginally localized or delocalized, while in mesoscopic systems the conductance is no longer a self-averaged quantity and fluctuations play an essential role. This volume should be of use to anyone interested in the development of Anderson localization.
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Table of contents

Anderson Localization: An Introduction.- I The Metal-Insulator Transition in Doped Semiconductors.- Critical Behavior Near the Metal-Insulator Transition in Doped Semiconductors.- Anomalous Spin Susceptibility of Si: P Near the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Static Magnetic Susceptibility of Si: P Around the Metal-Insulator Transition.- NMR in Doped Semiconductors.- Magnetic-Field-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in Degenerately Doped n-Type Ge.- The Metal-Insulator Transition in Ge: Sb.- The Metal-Insulator Transition in a Persistent Photoconductor.- The Impurity Band Nature of the Metal-Insulator Transition in GaAs.- II The Metal-Insulator Transition in Metals.- Interaction Effects Near the Metal-Insulator Transition in Semimagnetic Semiconductors.- Monotonic Increase of Magnetoresistance in Amorphous MoxGe1-x Through the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Universal Behavior of Hall Conductivity Near the Metal-Insulator Transition in Disordered Systems.- A Strong Voltage Dependence of the Conductivity in Granular Aluminum.- The Metal-Insulator Transition in Disordered Metals.- III Theory of the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Numerical Studies of Anderson Localization.- Critical Behaviour Near the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Renormalized Fermi Liquid Theory for Disordered Electron Systems and the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Landau Fermi Liquid Theory for Disordered Systems and the Scaling Theory of the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Thermal Properties of Disordered Interacting Electronic Systems Near the Metal-Insulator Transition.- On the Universality of the Metal-Insulator Transition of Interacting Electrons.- Localization Properties and Parameters of a-SiSn:H and a-GeSn:H Alloys.- Quantum Disordered Spin Models and Bose Condensation.- IV Weak Localization Effects in Metals.- The Physical Interpretation of the Interaction Effect.- Nonuniversality of the Mooij Correlation.- Spin-Glass Transition and Resonant Kondo Scattering in Weakly Localized Metal Films.- Effect of an AC Electric Field on Localization in Thin Metal Films.- Transition from Strong to Weak Localization in Ultrathin Pd Films.- Electron Transport Properties of a 100 A Crystalline In2O3-x Film.- Electron Localization in Heavily Doped Polyacetylene.- Low Temperature Limit of Quantum Corrections to the Transport Properties of a Disordered CuTi Alloy.- Localization of Electrons and Inelastic Relaxation Time in Metal Films.- Thermoelectric Power and Coulomb Gap in Inhomogeneous Thin Bismuth Films.- Comparison of Localization Effects in Granular Magnesium and Granular Aluminum. Superlocalization?.- Analysis of Magnetoresistance Data on Aluminum.- Electron-Phonon Scattering Rates in Dirty Three-Dimensional Aluminum Films.- Superconducting Fluctuations and Localization in Two-Dimensional Al-Ge.- Electron Inelastic Scattering and the Upper Critical Field in Thin Nb Films and Wires.- V Weak Localization Effects: Space-Charge Layers.- Higher Subband Effect on the Spin-Orbit Interaction in a 2D System in In As n-Inversion Layers.- Magnetotransport Studies of Localization and Interaction Effects in HgCdTe Two-Dimensional Electron Gas.- Localization and Proximity Effect in InAs Inversion Layer Coupled Superconducting Junction.- VI Theory of Weak Localization Effects.- The Temperature of the Superconducting Transition in Amorphous Films.- Magnetic Exchange in Disordered Metals.- The Kondo Effect in the Weakly Localized Regime.- VII The Quantum Hall Effect and Localization in High Magnetic Fields.- Recent Experiments on the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.- Numerical Study of Localization in 2D Systems: Effects of Magnetic Field and Spin-Orbit Interaction.- Edge and Bulk Extended States in Two-Dimensional Disordered Electronic Systems in Strong Magnetic Fields.- On the Absence of a Quantum Electrodynamical Correction to the Quantum Hall Effect.- Degenerate Ground State for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.- Conductivity of Band Electrons in a Magnetic Field.- Magnetic Field and Electronic States in Modulation-Doped Heterostructures.- VIII Quasicrystals.- The Localization Problem in Low-Dimensional Quasicrystals.- Power-Law Conductance of a Fibonacci Lattice.- Presence of Diffusion in Certain One-Dimensional Random Lattices.- IX Mesoscopic Systems: Theory.- Statistics of Mesoscopic Fluctuations and Electric Current Relaxation in Disordered Conductors.- Universal Conductance Fluctuations, Random Matrix Theory and the Scaling Theory of Localization.- Nonlinear Effects in Mesoscopic Kinetics of Microjunctions.- Asymmetry of Magnetoresistance in Microstructures.- Magneto conductance of Mesoscopic Systems.- X Mesoscopic Systems: Experiments.- Localization and Interference in Small Systems.- Four-Wire Measurement of Conductance Fluctuations in Small Systems.- Universal Conductance Fluctuations in Mesoscopic n+-Si Wires.- Aharonov-Bohm Magnetoresistance Oscillations in Selectively Doped GaAs/AlGaAs Submicron Structures.- Conductance Fluctuations with Variations of Electron Density in Inversion Layers of Silicon.- Quantum Transport in Disordered Surfaces in Doped Silicon Near the Metal-Insulator Transition.- Index of Contributors.
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