Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece : A Political, Social, and Cultural History

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Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History is a comprehensive and balanced history, covering the political, military, social, cultural, and economic history of ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic more

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  • Oxford University Press Inc
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"Expertly written and highly accessible, the new edition of Ancient Greece is a superb example of how the history of Greek civilization should be analyzed and presented to students and a general audience. Of special note is the inclusion of new findings and interpretations that bring the narrative up to date. I know of no comparable textbook on the political, social, military, and cultural story of the ancient Greeks that matches it in range, depth, and approachability."--Joseph Roisman, Colby College"Ancient Greece is an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive treatment of ancient Greek history. Its chronological reach is long, and it devotes a great deal of attention to social and cultural topics along with the standard political and military ones."--Eric Wild Robinson, Indiana Universityshow more

Table of contents

INTRODUCTION; A Bird's-Eye View of Greek History; Sources: How We Know About the Greeks; Retrieving the Past: The Material Record; Retrieving the Past: The Written Record; Periodization; Frogs Around a Pond; City-States; Greek City-States; I. EARLY GREECE AND THE BRONZE AGE; Domestication; Sources for Early Greek History; The Land of Greece; Greece and the Near East in the "Final Neolithic" Period (c. 4000-3000 BC); Greece in the Early and Middle Bronze Ages (c. 3000-1600 BC); Minoan Civilization; Greece and the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age (1600-1200 BC); The Years of Glory (c. 1400-1200 BC); The End of the Mycenaean Civilization; II. THE "DARK AGE" OF GREECE AND THE EIGHTH-CENTURY "RENAISSANCE" (C. 1200-750/700 BC); Sources for the Dark Age; Decline and Recovery (c. 1200-900 BC); The New Society of the Dark Age; Revival (c. 900-750 BC); Homer and Oral Poetry; Late Dark Age (Homeric) Society; Community, Household, and Economy in the Late Dark Age; The End of the Dark Age (c. 750-700 BC); III. ARCHAIC GREECE (C. 750/700-480 BC); Sources for the Seventh and Sixth Centuries; The Formation of the City-State (Polis); The Ethnos; Government in the Early City-States; The Colonizing Movement; Economic and Social Divisions in the Early Poleis; Hesiod: The View from Below; The Hoplite Army; The Archaic Age Tyrants; Art and Architecture; Lyric Poetry; Philosophy and Science; Panhellenic Institutions; Relations Among States; IV. SPARTA; Sources for Spartan History and Institutions; The Dark Age and the Archaic Period; The Spartan System; Demography and the Spartan Economy; Spartan Government; Sparta and Greece; Historical Change in Sparta; The Spartan Mirage in Western Thought; V. THE GROWTH OF ATHENS AND THE PERSIAN WARS; Sources for Early Athens; Athens from the Bronze Age to the Early Archaic Age; The Reforms of Solon; Pisistratus and His Sons; The Reforms of Cleisthenes; The Rise of Persia; The Wars Between Greece and Persia; The Other War: Carthage and the Greek Cities of Sicily; VI. THE RIVALRIES OF THE GREEK CITY-STATES AND THE GROWTH OF ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY; Sources for the Decades After the Persian Wars; The Aftermath of the Persian Wars and the Foundation of the Delian League; The "First" (Undeclared) Peloponnesian War (460-445 BC); Pericles and the Growth of Athenian Democracy; Literature and Art; Oikos and Polis; The Greek Economy; VII. GREECE ON THE EVE OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR; Sources for Greece on the Eve of the War; Greece After the Thirty Years' Peace; The Breakdown of the Peace; Resources for War; Intellectual Life in Fifth-Century Greece; Historical and Dramatic Literature of the Fifth Century; Currents in Greek Thought and Education; The Physical Space of the Polis: Athens on the Eve of War; VIII. THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR; Sources for Greece During the Peloponnesian War; The Archidamian War (431-421 BC); The Rise of Comedy; Between Peace and War 340; The Invasion of Sicily (415-413 BC); The War in the Aegean and the Oligarchic Coup at Athens (413-411 BC); Fallout from the Long War; The War in Retrospect; IX. THE CRISIS OF THE POLIS AND THE AGE OF SHIFTING HEGEMONIES; Sources for Fourth-Century Greece; Postwar Greece and the Struggle for Hegemony; Law and Democracy in Athens; The Fourth-Century Polis; Philosophy and the Polis; X. PHILIP II AND THE RISE OF MACEDON; Sources for Macedonian History; Early Macedonia; Macedonian Society and Kingship; The Reign of Philip II; Macedonian Domination of Greece; XI. ALEXANDER THE GREAT; Sources for the Reign of Alexander; Consolidating Power; From Issus to Egypt: Conquest of the Eastern Mediterranean (332-331 BC); From Alexandria to Persepolis: The King of Asia (331-330 BC); The High Road to India: Alexander in Central Asia; India and the End of the Dream; Return to the West; XII. ALEXANDER'S SUCCESSORS AND THE COSMOPOLIS; A New World; Sources for the Hellenistic Period; The Struggle for the Succession; The Regency of Perdiccas; The Primacy of Antigonus the One-Eyed; Birth Pangs of the New Order (301-276 BC); The Place of the Polis in the Cosmopolis; The Macedonian Kingdoms; Hellenistic Society; Alexandria and Hellenistic Culture; Social Relations in the Hellenistic Worldshow more