Analytical Index to the Holy Quran Annotated, Quick Reference Guide

Analytical Index to the Holy Quran Annotated, Quick Reference Guide

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I have compiled this index in a manner that I believe will result in an economically suitable resource for acquiring comprehensive general and scholarly knowledge of the Holy Quran. It is the present day inadequacy of suitable resources of knowledge contained in one self-sufficient economical text that served as the catalyst for this effort. With this book one is able to locate a plethora of subjects, particular verses (Sentences, (ayats), or to identify everywhere God (Allah) Highly Glorified is He (STA), speaks about His attributes, Creation, Free Will, Death or Heaven and Hell, Women, (Believers or otherwise); Or what the Quran says about their purpose and or duty, and what are the conditions for fighting or religious fighting "Holy War" (jihad)?, the subject can be expediently located. It is said that Prophet Muhammad (The Peace and Blessings be upon him) (PBUH), the man who brought the religion of Al Islam (The Peace), made prophecies that are stated in the Quran. Was there proof of his predictions in the Quran, then or now? Many believe that the answer is yes to both questions. The location of His literal words is at ones fingertips with this Index for research. The Holy Quran can be viewed as the nucleus, foundation, structure and or one half of the religion of Al Islam, (The Peace), the other half of course being the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the man who proclaimed the message from the God. Amongst its many names the Quran is known as the Truth, and the Clear Evidence. Anyone interested in exploring the actuality of these names will have at their fingertips the means that will make such a momentous endeavor conveniently reachable. In the year 1980 I began a fact-finding study on the religion of Al Islam for a couple of personal reasons, basically spiritual and intellectual. I became engrossed in studying Al Islam both inside and outside of penal institutions. I even became a spiritual leader (Imam) as I studied the religion. Many of the notes I acquired were during the period I served in that capacity. Eventually my interest in Al Islam profited me spiritual enlightenment and encouraged me towards determining if after my personal examination and investigation I believed in the authenticity of the religion's holy book, the Holy Quran. There were numerous claims made by proponents of the religion concerning the books perfection. Some of the assertions were that the holy book was produced and guarded from corruption by Allah the God, Holy Quran (HC): 15:9; it could not be duplicated by man, HC: 2:23; and that the religion of Al Islam would dominate over all religions, HC: 61:9. In the time since my original interest in the religion, Al Islam has become practically like a beacon light to ships in the fog, due to the prominence of it in the media and newspapers in the 22nd century. Recognizing the fact that the religion of Al Islam is seemingly always current news, particularly following 9/11, the prediction of it dominating other religions could take on an ominous shroud to the uninformed. That phenomenon along with its popularity combined to reignite my interest. What are the facts about the Holy Quran?
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About MR Tariq M Alami

I am Tariq M. B. Alami, I am a man consumed with a vision. I believe humankind can coexist in peace and harmony. I believe that knowledge and wanting for the next person what you want for yourself is the key. My experience as a Paralegal, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor and Islamic Imam proved to me that people are basically good. Presently being an aspiring Author who has published two books, I want to share that belief. This book is my humble effort towards achieving that objective. My history is filled with the average tidbits of an African American male born and raised within the borders of Black America. I've had many blessings and my share of mishaps. Having migrated from Detroit, Mich. In 1978; where I had casual experience with the Nation of Islam, to Los Angeles California, where I became engrossed with studying Al Islam (The Peace), both inside and outside of penal institutions, I remained drawn to the fascination of Al Islam. I evolved to become an enlightened conscientious spiritual counselor. It was during this sojourn that I began to compile notes for reference purposes. Those notes proved invaluable as they are the foundation for the information contained within this book. I trust that this effort will prove meritorious by helping someone to fulfill my utopia.
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