The Alpha & Omega Bible

The Alpha & Omega Bible : Psalms & Wisdom (Hagiographa)

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The Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB) is a 5 volume series "study bible" and restoration of the original scriptures. This is volume 3 of the series. The translation is a compilation of scriptures from the Paleo-Hebrew fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a revision of Brenton's translation of the Old Testament Greek Septuagint (LXX), as well as both testaments from the Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Alexandrinus, and the Codex Vaticanus and many other ancient manuscripts.
The original scriptures have been repeatedly translated for thousands of years. But along the way, mankind has added to & taken away from it, as was warned in the last verses of Revelation. The Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB) restores much of the ancient writings. For example, during the Assyrian & Babylonian captivities, The Creator's Name of Jesus was removed from the Old Testament. It is documented fact that words "The LORD" replaced the name of GOD. The AOB restores The Creator's Name of Jesus to the Old Testament.
This study bible also does not follow suit of the traditional Assyrian Babylonian doctrines of man's religions. Political correctness & religious tradition gets thrown overboard in preference for the unfiltered, uncompromised truth!
Therefore, if you are comfortable with traditional religion and never question traditional denominational doctrines, this is not the study bible for you. But if you truly seek truth and ask the difficult questions, then this study bible will definitely broaden your horizons and challenge traditional thinking.
Please note that you are able to download a free PDF copy online from the publisher's website to examine before purchasing. This bible is published by I Saw the Light Ministries. Look for The Alpha & Omega Bible free PDF download. However, the online version is in only one volume, therefore will look much different, but give you the same translation and notes. However, the online version is constantly updated, therefore will vary slightly in notes & translation.
This translation is not based on Masoretic Received Text, but rather upon the "Alexandrian" text but does take into consideration the Byzantine text. The publisher has taken into consideration 30+ other translations.

This study bible doesn't have as many notes as you would find in most other study bibles, but the notes that it does have are unique and very valuable to the truth.

The AOB is available in 5 volumes. This is Volume 3: Psalms & Wisdom which are 7 books of the bible.
Other volumes are: 1. The Law/Torah/Pentateuch 2. History 4. Prophets 5. New Testament
This is the updated June 2022 edition.
This is the black and white print edition with very wide margins printed on very thick paper. Large print but not giant print. Scripture is in all caps UPPERCASE letters which makes it easier to see. Notes are in small case italics.
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