Advances in Visual Computing

Advances in Visual Computing : Third International Symposium, ISVC 2007, Lake Tahoe, NV, USA, November 26-28, 2007, Proceedings, Part II

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The two volume set LNCS 4841 and LNCS 4842 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Visual Computing, ISVC 2007, held in Lake Tahoe, NV, USA, in November 2007. The 77 revised full papers and 42 poster papers presented together with 32 full and five poster papers of six special tracks were carefully reviewed and selected. The papers cover the four main areas of visual computing: vision, graphics, visualization, and virtual reality.
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Table of contents

Motion and Tracking II.- Visible and Infrared Sensors Fusion by Matching Feature Points of Foreground Blobs.- Multiple Combined Constraints for Optical Flow Estimation.- Combining Models of Pose and Dynamics for Human Motion Recognition.- Optical Flow and Total Least Squares Solution for Multi-scale Data in an Over-Determined System.- A Hardware-Friendly Adaptive Tensor Based Optical Flow Algorithm.- Segmentation/Feature Extraction/Classification.- Image Segmentation That Optimizes Global Homogeneity in a Variational Framework.- Image and Volume Segmentation by Water Flow.- A Novel Hierarchical Technique for Range Segmentation of Large Building Exteriors.- Lip Contour Segmentation Using Kernel Methods and Level Sets.- A Robust Two Level Classification Algorithm for Text Localization in Documents.- Image Classification from Small Sample, with Distance Learning and Feature Selection.- ST1: Intelligent Algorithms for Smart Monitoring of Complex Environments.- Comparison of Techniques for Mitigating the Effects of Illumination Variations on the Appearance of Human Targets.- Scene Context Modeling for Foreground Detection from a Scene in Remote Monitoring.- Recognition of Household Objects by Service Robots Through Interactive and Autonomous Methods.- Motion Projection for Floating Object Detection.- Real-Time Subspace-Based Background Modeling Using Multi-channel Data.- A Vision-Based Architecture for Intent Recognition.- Shape/Recognition.- Combinatorial Shape Decomposition.- Rotation-Invariant Texture Recognition.- A New Set of Normalized Geometric Moments Based on Schlick's Approximation.- Shape Evolution Driven by a Perceptually Motivated Measure.- The Global-Local Transformation for Invariant Shape Representation.- A Vision System for Recognizing Objects in Complex Real Images.- ST3: Image Databases.- RISE-SIMR: A Robust Image Search Engine for Satellite Image Matching and Retrieval.- Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Shape and Depth from an Engineering Database.- Automatic Image Representation for Content-Based Access to Personal Photo Album.- Geographic Image Retrieval Using Interest Point Descriptors.- ST6: Soft Computing in Image Processing and Computer Vision.- Feed Forward Genetic Image Network: Toward Efficient Automatic Construction of Image Processing Algorithm.- Neural Networks for Exudate Detection in Retinal Images.- Kernel Fusion for Image Classification Using Fuzzy Structural Information.- A Genetic Approach to Training Support Vector Data Descriptors for Background Modeling in Video Data.- Video Sequence Querying Using Clustering of Objects' Appearance Models.- Learning to Recognize Complex Actions Using Conditional Random Fields.- Poster.- Intrinsic Images by Fisher Linear Discriminant.- Shape-from-Shading Algorithm for Oblique Light Source.- Pedestrian Tracking from a Moving Host Using Corner Points.- 3D Reconstruction and Pose Determination of the Cutting Tool from a Single View.- Playfield and Ball Detection in Soccer Video.- Single-View Matching Constraints.- A 3D Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Nonuniform Re-sampling Correspondence.- A Novel Approach for Storm Detection Based on 3-D Radar Image Data.- A New Approach for Vehicle Detection in Congested Traffic Scenes Based on Strong Shadow Segmentation.- A Robust Method for Near Infrared Face Recognition Based on Extended Local Binary Pattern.- Surface Signature-Based Method for Modeling and Recognizing Free-Form Objects.- Integrating Vision and Language: Semantic Description of Traffic Events from Image Sequences.- Rule-Based Multiple Object Tracking for Traffic Surveillance Using Collaborative Background Extraction.- A Novel Approach for Iris Recognition Using Local Edge Patterns.- Automated Trimmed Iterative Closest Point Algorithm.- Classification of High Resolution Satellite Images Using Texture from the Panchromatic Band.- Deriving a Priori Co-occurrence Probability Estimates for Object Recognition from Social Networks and Text Processing.- 3D Face Reconstruction Under Imperfect Tracking Circumstances Using Shape Model Constraints.- A Combined Statistical-Structural Strategy for Alphanumeric Recognition.- The Multiplicative Path Toward Prior-Shape Guided Active Contour for Object Detection.- On Shape-Mediated Enrolment in Ear Biometrics.- Determining Efficient Scan-Patterns for 3-D Object Recognition Using Spin Images.- A Comparison of Fast Level Set-Like Algorithms for Image Segmentation in Fluorescence Microscopy.- Texture-Based Objects Recognition for Vehicle Environment Perception Using a Multiband Camera.- Object Tracking Via Uncertainty Minimization.- Detection of a Speaker in Video by Combined Analysis of Speech Sound and Mouth Movement.- Extraction of Cartographic Features from a High Resolution Satellite Image.- Expression Mimicking : From 2D Monocular Sequences to 3D Animations.- Object Recognition: A Focused Vision Based Approach.- A Robust Image Segmentation Model Based on Integrated Square Estimation.- Measuring Effective Data Visualization.- Automatic Inspection of Tobacco Leaves Based on MRF Image Model.- A Mesh Meaningful Segmentation Algorithm Using Skeleton and Minima-Rule.- Fast kd-Tree Construction for 3D-Rendering Algorithms Like Ray Tracing.- Phase Space Rendering.- Automatic Extraction of a Quadrilateral Network of NURBS Patches from Range Data Using Evolutionary Strategies.- ChipViz: Visualizing Memory Chip Test Data.- Enhanced Visual Experience and Archival Reusability in Personalized Search Based on Modified Spider Graph.- Probe-It! Visualization Support for Provenance.- Portable Projection-Based AR System.- Adaptive Chrominance Correction for a Projector Considering Image and Screen Color.- Easying MR Development with Eclipse and InTml.- Unsupervised Intrusion Detection Using Color Images.- Pose Sampling for Efficient Model-Based Recognition.- Video Segmentation for Markerless Motion Capture in Unconstrained Environments.- Hardware-Accelerated Volume Rendering for Real-Time Medical Data Visualization.- Fuzzy Morphology for Edge Detection and Segmentation.
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