Advances in Turbulence XI

Advances in Turbulence XI : Proceedings of the 11th EUROMECH European Turbulence Conference, June 25-28, 2007, Porto, Portugal

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This volume comprises the communications presented at the ETC 11, the EUROMECH European Turbulence conference held in 2007 in Porto.

The scientific committee has chosen the contributions out of the following topics: Acoustics of turbulent flows; Atmospheric turbulence; Control of turbulent flows; Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence; Instability and transition; Intermittency and scaling; Large eddy simulation and related techniques; MHD turbulence; Reacting and compressible turbulence; Transport and mixing; Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows; Vortex dynamics and structure formation; Wall bounded flows.
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This volume comprises the communications presented at the ETC 11, the EUROMECH European Turbulence Conference held in 2007 in Porto.

The scientific committee has chosen the contributions out of the following topics

Acoustics of turbulent flows Atmospheric turbulence Control of turbulent flows Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence Instability and transition Intermittency and scaling Large eddy simulation and related techniques MHD turbulence Reacting and compressible turbulence Transport and mixing Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows Vortex dynamics and structure formation Wall bounded flows
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Table of contents

Experimental Measurements of Lagrangian Statistics in Intense Turbulence.- Tracer particles in turbulent superfluid helium.- Particle dispersion in stably stratified turbulence.- Is it possible to study Euler (or inviscid/purely inertial) evolution in low Reynolds number flows?.- Large Eddy Simulations of Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in Heat-conducting Plasma.- The effect of a finite cascade time on the normalized energy dissipation.- Anisotropy in three-dimensional MHD turbulence.- Receptivity to Roughness and Vortical Free-stream Modes.- Secondary instability in variable-density round jets.- Axisymmetric absolute instability of swirling jets.- Turbulent Boundary Layer Drag Reduction with Polymer Injection.- Characterisation of Marginally Turbulent Square Duct Flow.- Turbulent Structure in Rough and Smooth Wall Boundary Layers.- Wall-layer models for large-eddy simulations of high Reynolds number non-equilibrium flows.- Trajectories of solid particles in a tangle of vortex-filaments.- Quantifying turbulent dispersion by means of exit times.- Settling velocity of inertial particles.- Backwards/forwards dispersion and inertial range stretching rates.- Multiscale Analysis of Convective Magnetic Systems in a Horizontal Layer.- Hall-MHD turbulence in the solar wind.- Transition to turbulence in plane channel flow with spanwise magnetic field.- Scaling laws, nonlocality and structure in isotropic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence.- Absolute Instabilities and Transition to Turbulence in a Rotating Cavity.- Recurrence of Travelling Waves in Transitional Pipe Flow.- Analysis of the Unsteady Flow around a Wall-Mounted Finite Cylinder at Re=200 000.- Transition in plane Poiseuille flow with a stream-wise rotation.- DNS of channel flows with pressure gradient.- An Investigation into the Evolution of Sub-Layer Streaks in Two- and Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers.- Wall-Shear Stress Assessment in Zero-Pressure Gradient Turbulent Flow using MPS.- Anomalous turbulence in rapidly rotating plane Couette flow.- Turbulent clustering of inertial particles and acceleration field.- Effect of the Reynolds number and initial separation on multi-particle sets using Kinematic Simulations.- Lyapunov Exponents of Heavy Particles in Turbulent Flows.- Lagrangian modeling and alignment trends of vorticity with pressure-Hessian eigendirections in turbulence.- Acceleration statistics of heavy particles in turbulent flows.- Influence of large scale flow fluctuations on the dynamo threshold.- The Magnetoelliptic Instability in the presence of Inertial Forces.- Instability and transition to turbulence in a free shear layer affected by a parallel magnetic field.- Kinetic energy repartition in MHD turbulence.- Critical (?) behavior at the turbulent-laminar transition in a model of plane Couette flow.- Interactions between finite-length streaks and breakdown to turbulence.- Optimal secondary growth and transition in a plane channel flow.- Nonlinear Disturbance Evolution and Transition to Turbulence in a Compressible Swirling Mixing Layer.- Wake influence on boundary layers under severe adverse pressure gradients.- Boundary layer structure in highly turbulent convection.- Final states of decaying 2D turbulence in di3erent geometries with no-slip walls.- Near-Wall Measurements of Turbulence Statistics with Laser Doppler Velocity Profile and Field Sensors.- Detached Eddy Simulation of Flows over Rough Surfaces.- Theoretical Model of the Sub-Layer Streaks and the Cycle of Near-Wall Turbulence for Application to Flow Control.- Two-dimensional turbulence on a confined domain with no-slip walls.- Conformal invariance in two-dimensional turbulence.- Statistical properties of 2D turbulence on a bounded domain.- Effect of large coherent rings on turbulent field.- Quasi-steady and unsteady Goertler vortices on concave wall: experiment and theory.- The Deterministic Wall Turbulence is Possible.- The effect of free-stream turbulence on growth and breakdown of Tollmien-Schlichting waves.- Vortical structures in turbulent plane Couette flow.- Wall Effects in Turbulent Rayleigh-Benard Convection in a Long Rectangular Cell.- Master-Mode Set for 3D Turbulent Channel Flow.- Dilute polymers in an oscillating grid turbulent flow.- Transition Detection and Turbulence Measurements on Alinghi Yacht SUI-64 at Sea.- Numerical Analysis of the Excited Jets Using Large Eddy Simulation - Parametric Study.- Local dissipation scales in turbulence.- Intermittency via Self-Similarity in New Variables.- Mixing of a passive scalar emitted from a random-in-time point source.- The Coupled LES - Subgrid Stochastic Acceleration Model (LES-SSAM) of a High Reynolds Number Flows.- Stereo-PIV of sinuous and varicose breakdown.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Taylor-Couette Flow with High Reynolds Number.- Tollmien-Schlichting wave cancellation using an oscillating Lorentz force.- Temporal dynamics of small perturbations for a 2D growing wake.- Mean flow and modeling of turbulent-laminar patterns in plane Couette flow.- Streamwise velocity fields in fully developed turbulent pipe and channel flows obtained experimentally.- The effect of the sweep angle on the turbulent separation bubble on a flate plate.- Effects of the Streamwise Computational Domain Size on DNS of a Turbulent Channel Flow at High Reynolds Number.- On the use of Taylor's hypothesis in constructing long structures in wall-bounded turbulent flow.- Flow Development in Boundary Layers with Pressure Gradient.- Dynamic behaviour of a HALE wing.- POD analysis of large-scale structures through DNS of turbulent plane Couette flow.- Analysis of a bursting vortex using continuous and orthogonal wavelets.- Flow structure in a bi-axially rotating sphere: a compact turbulence generator.- PIV study on the turbulent wake behindtapered cylinders.- Turbulence of drag-reducing polymer solutions.- Stereoscopic-PIV study of a dipole in a shallow fluid layer.- Three-dimensional structures during a dipole-wall collision in shallow flows.- The enstrophy cascade in bounded two-dimensional turbulence.- Spectra of quasi-2D turbulence in plasma and fluid during spectral condensation.- Heat Transfer during Growth of a Boiling Bubble on the Wall in Turbulent Channel Flow.- Elastic Turbulence in 2D Viscoelastic Flows.- Experimental verification of a theoretical model for the influence of particle inertia and gravity on decaying turbulence in a particle-laden flow.- Stationary states, Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem and effective temperature in a turbulent von Karman flow.- The Influence of External Turbulence on a Wall-Bounded Jet.- Comparison of Tensor Representations of Velocity-Pressure-Gradient, Pressure-Strain, and Pressure-Velocity Correlations with Plane Channel Flow DNS Data.- Near Wall Measurements in Rough Surface Turbulent Boundary Layers.- Reynolds number scaling of particle preferential concentration in turbulent channel flow.- Dissipative structure in multi mode stretched-spiral vortex.- Modeling of a turbulent vortex ring.- Experimental study of longitudinal horizontal roll vortices in a convective flow in rectangular box.- Nonlinear Evolution of Disturbed Vortex Rings.- LES of turbulent mixing in a confined coaxial jet with 0.8 velocity ratio.- Turbulence and energy balance in an axisymmetric jet computed by Large Eddy Simulation.- Shear-Improved Smagorinsky Model.- Hybrid Two Level and Large-Eddy Simulation of Wall Bounded Turbulent Flows.- Finite dimensional models for perturbed self-similar turbulent flows.- Turbulent flow of viscoelastic shear-thinning liquids through a rectangular duct.- Experimental studies of liquid-liquid dispersion in a turbulent shear flow.- Study on Flow Characteristics of Micro-Bubble Two-Phase Flow.- Velocity statistics in microbubble-laden turbulent boundary layer.- Drag reduction by non-Brownian rodlike particles in a channel flow.- Use of dual plane PIV to assess scale-by-scale energy budgets in wall turbulence.- Highly Time- and Space-Resolved Experiments on a High Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer.- Fully mapped energy spectra in a high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer.- Torque scaling in Taylor-Couette flow.- Turbulent Shear Flows on a Sparse Grid.- Vortex flows within circular cavities.- New Criteria for the Eduction of Three-dimensional Turbulent Structures.- Structure of a tornado-like vortex.- Self-similar structure formation process in thermal turbulence.- Vortex Dynamics in the Reattaching Flow of Separation Bubbles with Variable Aspect Ratio.- LES of Compressible Inert and Reacting Turbulent Shear Flows.- Coriolis induced compressibility effects in rotating shear layers.- DNS of the interaction between a shock wave and a turbulent shear flow.- Effects of compressibility and heat release on the turbulent mixing layer boundaries.- Dual-Time PIV Investigation of the Sound Producing region of the Controlled and Uncontrolled High-Speed Jet.- Investigation of the behavior of noise sources in heated jets..- Dynamics of spheres in turbulent channel flow.- Stereoscopic PIV measurements in electromagnetically forced rotating turbulence.- Intermittency in the Miscible Rayleigh-Taylor Turbulence.- Highly-resolved Simulation of Flow Over a Three-dimensional Hill.- A new class of symmetry preserving and thermodynamically consistent SGS models.- A turbulent-energy based mesh refinement procedure for Large Eddy Simulation.- Bubbly drag reduction in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow.- Concentration and segregation of particles and bubbles by turbulence.- Clustering of heavy particles in turbulent flows.- Experimental investigation of turbulent transport of material particles.- Shear Effect on Lagrangian Acceleration in High-Reynolds Number Turbulence.- The Fluid Mechanics of Gravitational Structure Formation.- DNS of structural vacillation in the transition to geostrophic turbulence.- Stereo-PIV measurements in turbulent rotating convection.- Lagrangian statistics in rotating turbulence through Particle Tracking experiments.- Turbulent Thermal Convection in a Vertical Channel - Correlation Length and Turbulent momentum exchanges.- Momentum and Heat Transfer in Turbulent Boundary Layers with External Grid Turbulence.- Study on Jet Mixing Rate Based on Controlled Jets.- Mixing Study of a jet in crossflow using accurate thermal anemometry techniques.- Experimental study of turbulent transport of particles in non-isothermal flows and formation of large-scale structures.- A theory of relative dispersion in homogeneous turbulence.- Experimental Study of Hysteresis Phenomenon in Turbulent Convection.- Velocity and temperature derivatives in high Reynolds number turbulent flows in the atmospheric surface layer.- Role of Turbulence for Droplet Condensation.- Kinematic Simulation and Rapid Distortion Theory, analyses of one and two-particle diffusion in stably stratified and rotating urbulence.- Turbulent Flow Structure in the Similarity Region of a Swirling Jet.- Turbulent modification of upward bubbly channel flow with surfactant.- Turbulent clustering of inertial particles in the presence of gravity.- Acceleration measurements in turbulent-like flows.- Lagrangian measurement using instrumented particles in Rayleigh-Benard convection.- Simultaneous Lagangian and Eulerian velocity measurements in a round jet.- Stochastic Analysis and New Insights into Turbulence.- On the Deficiency of Structure Functions as Inertial Range Diagnostics.- Isotropy of the temperature field downstream of a line source in turbulent channel flow.- One-particle dispersion in turbulent convection.- Spatial distribution of the heat transport in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection.- Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq effects in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection.- Wall Shear stress measurements in the atmosperhic surface layer.- Point (Sonic Anemometer) Measurements in a Gusty Wind Over Complex Terrain.- Atmospheric surface layer turbulence over water surfaces and sub-grid scale physics.- SNOHATS: Stratified atmospheric turbulence over snow surfaces.- The effect of persistent separation in turbulent relative dispersion: self-similar telegraph equation.- Statistics of Acceleration Field Motions in 2D Inverse-Cascading Turbulence.- Probability density function (PDF) and filtered density function (FDF) methods for turbulent scalar dispersion in incompressible flows.- Probing Vortex Density Fluctuations in Superfluid Turbulence.- Contribution of Coherent and Incoherent Vorticity Fields to High Reynolds Number Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence : a Wavelet Viewpoint.- The Effect of Shear on Anisotropic Fluctuations in a Homogeneous Shear Flow.- Azimuthal Velocity Correlations in an Axisymmetric Far Wake.- Mixing characteristics in buoyancy-driven, variable density turbulence.- Turbulent Von Karman Swirling Flows.- On the global linear stability of the boundary layer on rotating bodies.- The modulated dissipation rate in periodically forced turbulence.- Lifetime of turbulence in pipe flow.- Dynamics at the Edge of Chaos in Pipe Flow.- Transition and Transition Control in a Square Cavity.- DNS on drag reduction by the injection of dilute polymer solution into a buffer region in turbulent water channel flow.- Velocity-Gradient Modification in Particle-Laden Turbulent Channel Flows.- DNS of Drag Reduction by Dilute Polymer Solutions in a Turbulent Channel Flow.- Turbulent mixing in the atmospheric boundary layer: from flat terrain to narrow valley.- GCM representation of turbulence on Jupiter.- Vorticity and divergence spectra in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.- On the accuracy of velocity and velocity gradient turbulence statistics measured with multi-sensor hot-wire probes.- A stochastic SGS model with application to turbulent channel flow with a passive scalar.- Heat Transfer Across the Air-Water Interface in Wind-Driven Turbulence.- Attenuation of turbulent flow separation on a wavy wall by a compliant surface.- Turbulent Flow in Eccentric Annular Pipe.- Quasi-normal hypothesis revised.- Coherent large-scale flow structures in turbulent convection.- Large-scale Behaviour of Turbulent Convection Governed by Low-dimensional Fixed-points.- Structure Formation in Homogeneous Rotating Turbulence.- Differential diffusion in double-diffusive stratified turbulence.- Generation of waves by shear turbulence at an air-water interface.- Modeling of Multipoint Correlations in Turbulent Flows.- Over-prediction of energy back-scatter due to misaligned eigen-frame of SGS tensor.- Large eddy simulation of turbulent separated flow over a three-dimensional hill.- Large Eddy Simulations of Passive-scalar Mixing using a Tensorial Eddy Diffusivity-based SGS-Modeling.- Near-Wake Decaying Turbulence Behind a Cross-bar.- Penetrative Convection in Stratified Fluids: Velocity Measurements by Image Analysis Techniques.- Enstrophy, Strain and Scalar Gradient Dynamics across the Turbulent-Nonturbulent Interface in Jets.- Numerical study of Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq effects on the heat transport in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection in liquids.- Ultimate regime of convection: search for a hidden triggering parameter.- Scalar diffusion of horizontally released heated plume into a turbulent shear flow.- Estimation techniques in a turbulent flow field.- Turbulence generated by fractal grids in the wind tunnel.- Large Eddy Simulations of Electromagnetically Driven Vortical Flows.- Skin-friction Drag Reduction via Steady Streamwise Oscillations of Spanwise Velocity.- Direct numerical simulation on turbulent flow around a regularly deforming film.- Progress in Large Eddy Simulation modeling of temporally and spatially complex land-atmosphere interactions.- Two Dimensional Polar Beta Plane Turbulence.- Laboratory study of gravity wave turbulence.- Quantification of the Discretization Effects in the Representation of Key Inertial-wave Interactions in Rotating Turbulence.- Anisotropy and universality in Solar Wind turbulence. Ulysses spacecraft data.- Turbulence budgets in the wind flow over homogeneous forests.- Laser based measurements of profiles of wind and momentum flux over a canopy.- Anomalous one- and two-particle dispersion in anisotropic turbulence.- Effects of local conditions on Smagorinsky and dynamic coefficients for LES of atmospheric turbulence.- Asymptotic behaviour of the shearless turbulent kinetic energy mixing.- Turbulence in the system of two immiscible liquids.- Diffusion in time-dependent laminar flow with multi-scale Eulerian flow topology.- Dynamics of Scalar Injection in Freestream Turbulence.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Pulsating Turbulent Channel Flow for Drag Reduction.- Numerical Simulations of the Bursting of a Laminar Separation Bubble and its Relation to Airfoil Stall.- Fluctuations in the bluff body wake - modelling an ultrafast aircraft thermometer.- Velocity and Wall Pressure Correlations Over a Forward Facing Step.- Time evolution of Thorpe profiles corresponding to atmospheric soundings.- Divergent and rotational modes in stratified flows.- On the secondary Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in a 3D stably stratified mixing layer.- Aerodynamic Flow Control of a Free Airfoil.- Performance of Reynolds-Averaged Turbulence Models for Unsteady Separated Flows with Periodic Blowing and Suction.- Turbulent Dissipation in Drag Reduced Flows.- Instabilities of a barotropic rotating shear layer.- Nonlinear development of Klebanoff modes in a laminar boundary layer.- Primary instability of a rotating spherical Couette flow with a radial stratification and a radial buoyancy.- Onset of Turbulence in T-jet Mixers.- Transitional Flow in Annular Rotating Cavity.- Nonlinear evolution of the zigzag instability in a stratified fluid.- Compressibility effects in the Rayleigh-Taylor instability for miscible fluids.- Instanton Theory of Turbulent Vorticity Fluctuations.- Closure for anisotropic homogeneous turbulence as the problem of analytical and scaling properties of spectral tensors.- On the modelling of subgrid-scale enstrophy transfer in turbulent channel flows.- Group-Theoretical Model of Developed Turbulence and Renormalization of the Navier-Stokes Equation.- Scaling Properties of the Subgrid-scale Energy Dissipation in Large Eddy Simulation.- On restraining the convective subgrid-scale production in Burgers' equation.- A LES-Langevin model for turbulence.- Quality assessment of inlet boundary conditions and domain size for fully compressible LES of wall-jet turbulent mixing.- Parametric study of LES subgrid terms in turbulent phase separation flows.- CVS of turbulent compressible mixing layers using adaptive multiresolution methods.- URANS and Seamless Hybrid URANS/LES : the forced turbulent temporal mixing layer.- Thermal Boundary Layers Simulations Under Adverse Pressure Gradients.- A Multi-scale, Multi-domain Approach to Wall-Modelling for LES of High Reynolds Number Wall-Bounded Turbulence.- RANS Modelling of Turbulent Flows Driven by a Travelling Magnetic Field.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow in Travelling Magnetic Fields.- Turbulent pipe flow in a transverse magnetic field: A comparison between PIV measurement and DNS.- Direct numerical simulations of the turbulent Hartmann flow in cylindrical ducts.- Numerical simulation of a longitudinal Lorentz force flowmeter for turbulent flows in a circular pipe.- Experimental investigation of time-dependent flow driven by a travelling magnetic field.- A non local shell model for MHD turbulence.- Compressibility effects on the return to isotropy of homogeneous anisotropic turbulence.- Large eddy simulation of a tunnel fire using two step combustion chemistry.- On fast chemical reactions and singular vortices advecting multi-scale concentration fields.- Front surfaces in turbulent premixed flames.- Dispersion of heavy spheroidal particles in 3D turbulent-like flows.- The Route towards Isotropy in a Turbulent Jet.- Experimental study of turbulence in a counter-rotating flow.- Stability of upward and downward dusty-gas flows in a vertical channel.- Effect of cationic surfactant, linear polymer chain, and their complexes on turbulent wall shear stress.- Direct Computation of Liquid Sheets in a Compressible Gas Medium.- Effect of bubbles on the turbulence modification in a downward gas-liquid pipe flow.- One equation model for turbulence pipe flow with second order viscoelastic corrections.- Formulation of the settling velocity of small particles initially situated inside a vortex.- Transition Turbulence in a laboratory model of the Left Ventricle.- Experimental Study of Wake Structure Associated with Reduced Base Drag Using POD and LSE.- On Vorticity, vortices and material lines in turbulent channel flow.- Orthonormal divergence-free wavelet analysis of cascading/backscattering process around coherent structures.- Experimental Investigation of Forced and Unforced Instabilities on the Cold Flow of a Swirl Burner.- Quantifying anisotropy in stratified and rotating turbulence using orthogonal wavelets.- Variable Density Vortex Rings.- Behavior of Flow Structures inside a Round Buoyant Jet.- High Spatial Resolution MCCDPIV in a Zero Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer.- Interaction of Quasi Two Dimensional Flow Field with Turbulent Boundary Layer as a Method of Investigating Drag Reduction of Polymer Additives.- Structure and Mean-Velocity Profile of Pipeflow.- Detection of Streamwise vortices in a turbulent boundary layer.- Upstream Condition Effects on the Anisotropy of Rough Favorable Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layers.- Near-Wall modelling of compressible turbulent boundary layers with seperation.- Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Relaminarisation.- Turbulent flow over different groups of cubical obstacles.- LES of transient turbulent flow in a pipe.- Investigation of a tripped turbulent boundary layer flow using time-resolved tomographic PIV.
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