Across Disciplinary Boundaries Towards a Sustainable Life

Across Disciplinary Boundaries Towards a Sustainable Life : Psychodynamic Reflection on Human Behaviour. Dedicated with Eternal Gratitude and in High Esteem to Prof. Dr. Rainer Fuchs

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The contributions in this book are fairly heterogeneous. They belong to a relatively large number of disciplines and or sub-areas of certain disciplines. They contain problems and practical aspects of their possible solutions, strategies, methodologies and concepts as well as theories (see Part 1 - 8). We all know that it is difficult to link such problem solving processes to bigger units. It needs the steady development of an appropriate aware-ness of a problem or conflict, i.e. consciousness. Such "network-ing" should not be left to journalists alone, but should rather be integrated into higher education and research related to Sustain-able Development or Sustainable Life, in short Sustainability. Our survival seems to be threatened by various developments and complex problems. The Climate Change System and its con-sequences for ecology, economics and society, for example, is proclaimed to be one of our new enemies (Part 9). Experts suggest that stopping such negative trends could be possible through a change in human behaviour and through "reversals" in the con-nected systems or sub-systems. Attempts to get closer to this far reaching goal can be found in the articles of this book. But how can people be persuaded to change their behaviour?Changes of behaviour (human action) depend on human motivation. How can motivation be diagnosed in relation to Sustainability? One can assume that the theory of achievement motivation, its estab-lishment according to learning rules, its activation depending on associations and its adaptation to reality through the experience of success or failure in motivated actions is a valid platform to build on. The sustainability-imaginative stories written by stu-dents, for example, demonstrate the manner in which the struc-tured rules of motivated learning and acting are put in concrete terms (Part 10). We consider them to be an innovation, worthy of being tested and further developed so as to contribute to the creation of new motivation in and for Sustainability. Solving complex problems and conflicts is the content of another paper. Applying and testing the underlying psychological theory to economic / agribusiness problems / conflicts and their action programmes has been intended (see also Part 10).show more

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Table of contents

1;Contents;6§2;Rainer Fuchs;10§3;Acknowledgement;12§4;Long-term Responsibility for a Sustainable Life: Introductory Panel Session and Roundtable Discussion;16§5;Die Verantwortung der Kirchen für nachhaltige Entwicklung;26§6;Zivilgesellschaft als Chance für die Demokratie;36§7;Ecology and Sustainable Development within a General Social Theory: Old and New Approaches;44§8;Mutual Relationships of Personal Interests and the Evolution of Complex Social Systems;56§9;Innovative Changes in the Social Demand for Lifelong Education;62§10;Bioakademie - Bildungsprojekt zum ökologischen Landbau in der Tschechischen Republik;68§11;The Fachhochschule System of Higher Education: University of Applied Sciences, Landshut and University of Applied Sciences, Freising-Weihenstephan;76§12;An Interdisciplinary Study of, and Education for, the Sustainable Development of National Park Regions in Poland and a New Concept of Sound Tourism Management applied to the Cinque Terre National Park in Italy;90§13;Ecotourism as a Factor of Sustainable Development of Specially Protected Regions ;102§14;The Large Scale Investments in Alternative Tourism and Sustainable Development: The Case of Crete and Arcadia;110§15;Sustainable Development through Research and Learning Sustainable Development and Habitation An Approach to the Use of Living Space Resources;126§16;Basic Principles of the Bavarian Agricultural Policy and its Contribution to Sustainable Development;138§17;Global Aspects of Food Chain Development;144§18;Evaluating the Use of Raw Materials for Food Production from Economic, Ecological, Ethical and Social Points of View;152§19;Strengthening Livestock Market Flows and Feeding Practices for Improved Livelihoods in Southern Zimbabwe;166§20;Towards Endogenous Development: Borana Pastoralists' Response to Environmental and Institutional Changes;176§21;Herd Mobility Leads the Way for Sustainable Pastoral Development: The Case of Borana Rangelands, Southern Ethiopia;184§22;Ecodesign for All: Principles and Practice;198§23;Developing a Sustainable/Holistic Firm;218§24;Analysis of Slovenian New Products from Environmental Viewpoint;228§25;The Economics of Renewable Energy Sources in the Czech Republic;236§26;Geoinformational Systems in society Transformation. System Analysis and Transregional Infrastructure;244§27;Effect of Solar Radiation on Materials and Design of Buildings in Botswana ;252§28;Road Transport and its Contribution to Global Warming with Special Regard to Developing Countries;260§29;Transportation and Environment in the City of Brno;272§30;The Modrice Project - Reconstruction and Intensification of the City Waste Water Treatment Plant in Brno;278§31;Why Have Suicide Rates in Baltic States Increased after Restoration of Independence after 1990;284§32;Demographic Situation in Latvia and the Conditions which Limit it;298§33;State Forest Certification Activities in Latvia;312§34;The Climate Change System1;320§35;"Shishmaref Must Yield";336§36;Tuvalu: An Island Nation Cables SOS;338§37;Need and Possibility for Analysing Human Motivation Potential - Related to Sustainability;342§38;Goal-oriented Action: The Interaction of Process Components in Terms of Cybernetic Theory;366§39;The Usefulness of Action Psychology for Multipurpose Agribusiness;382§40;Retrospect and Prospect;396§41;Contributors.;402show more