Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail

Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail

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This is the second book in the InDetail Series. The first, and the foundation, book for the series is InDesign InDetail, published--in its first edition--in November 1999. This book covers Acrobat PDF with a strong emphasis on workflow. In fact, it is the only book on the market that cover workflow in detail, making it an important addition to any graphics professional's library.
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  • Paperback | 528 pages
  • 177.8 x 231.14 x 55.88mm | 725.74g
  • Prentice Hall
  • Upper Saddle River, United States
  • English
  • w. figs.
  • 0130889482
  • 9780130889485

Table of contents

1. Digital Workflow.

Component Files. Consolidated Files. Embedded Elements. Editability. Technological Pitfalls. Islands of Automation. Why Workflow Automation? Workflow Design. Typical Tasks in a Print Production Environment. Preflighting. Color Management. PostScript File Creation. PDF File Creation. Imposition. RIP. Proofing. Remote Proofing. Corrections. Film Output. Plate Output. Blueline Proof. Printing. Storage. Variable Data Printing. From CEPS to DTP. PostScript. RIP. Development of Imagesetters. Color and Multiple-Page Imagesetters. Computer-to-Plate (CTP). Digital Printing and Direct-to-Press.

2. It Started with PostScript.

In the Beginning (No, Not that Beginning). The Revolution (No, Not that Revolution). A Little about PostScript. The RIP. RIP Evolution. PostScript Printer Description Files. PostScript Interpreters and RIPs. PostScript Level 2. Hardware and Software RIPs. Configurable PostScript Interpreter (CPSI). PostScript. Extreme and the Future of RIPs. Working with PostScript. Outputting PostScript. PostScript Conclusions. More about PostScript than You May Wish to Know. From PostScript to Workflow. PDF Is Different. Acrobat and PDF. PostScript Errors. Checking for Corrupt Graphics. Common Errors.

3. PDF Introduction.

What Is a Portable Document? The Portable Document Enters the Market. Adobe's Portable Document. The Ultimate Portability. The Ideal Digital Document. Design Richness. Bitmap or Raster Images. Line Art. Text. Portability. Editability. Predictability. Searchability. Repurposability. PDF and PostScript. How PDF Files Work. Creating a PDF File. What is New in Acrobat 4.0 and 4.05. Major Features in Acrobat. Acrobat 4.05 Features and Revisions. Acrobat with Web Buy. Integration with Microsoft Office 2000 (Windows only). Proper JPEG Compression in PDF Files Created by Distiller. Less Restrictive TrueType Font Embedding. Improved Web Browser Integration. Improved Printing. PDFMaker Support for all Windows NT User Privileges (Windows only). Distiller Crashes and Color Management Fixed. Printer Driver Updates. Downloading Plug-ins for Acrobat 4.0 for Mac OS. Acrobat 4 Menu Bar. File. Edit. Document. Tools. View. Window. Help. Apple Menu. Acrobat Toolbar. Top Menu Bar. Acrobat Tools. Hand Tool. Zoom Tool. Selection Tool. Selecting Graphics. File Management. Document Layout. Page Navigation. Page View Modes. Web Link Tool. Location Tools. Side Menu Items. Other Toolbars. The PDF File. Drag and Drop. File Management. Open Document Settings. Font Information. Security Options. Prepress Information. Index Information. Base URL. Acrobat Preferences. General Preferences. Display. Magnification. Color. Options. Preferences. Annotation Preferences. Preferences for Full Screen. Navigation Settings. View Appearance Settings. Forms Grid Preferences. Capture Preferences. Search Preferences. TouchUp Preferences. Web Link Preferences. Saving a PDF File. Save As. Security Settings. Batch Processing. Importing. Importing Images. Import Annotations. Importing Form Data. Page Navigation. Go To Page. Forward and Backward. Page and Document Management. Inserting Pages. Thumbnail Pages. Extracting Pages. Replacing Pages. Deleting Pages. Cropping Pages. Rotating Pages. Page Numbering. Bookmarks. Bookmark Properties. Moving Bookmarks. Thumbnails. Tearing Off Panes. Showing Destinations. Switching Between Multiple Open PDF Files.

4. Print-Related Issues.

Trapping. Trapping Approaches. Some Trapping Functions. In-RIP Trapping. Imposition. OPI. Working with OPI. DCS and OPI. Encapsulated PostScript. Placed PDF and Refined PDF Export. PDF Import Filter. Proofing. Remote Proofing. Fonts, What Are They?

5. Workflow Environments.

Before Networks. Network Basics. Networking Macintosh Computers. Networking Windows Computers. Local Area Networks. Interconnection. Sharing of Information and Resources. Disadvantages of a LAN. LAN Concepts. LAN Topologies. Star Networks. Ring Networks. Bus Networks. Choice of a Server. Dedicated Server. Proprietary Servers. Storage. Cache RAM. Network Adapter Cards. CPU. Backup. Drivers. Print Servers. Queue Management. OPI Servers. Color Separation Houses. Prepress Service Bureaus. Newspapers. Magazines. Publishers. Image Server. One Workflow Model. Server Evolution and Integration. Server Schizophrenia. Workflow Solutions Aplenty. Scitex Solutions. Harlequin Solutions. Helios PDF for OPI. PDF Internet Printing. AII Solutions. Rampage Solutions. Agfa PDF Workflow. Adobe Solutions. Inside Adobe PostScript Extreme. New PDF Workflows. PDF Plug-in. Agfa Apogee2. Screen Trueflow. New Screen RIP. The Race for Standards. Inter-workflow Connectivity. PDF in Production with Enfocus PitStop Server. Preflight (Profiles and Reports). Editing the PDF. Driving a Workflow through PitStop Server. Font Handling. Workflow Security and Centralized Control. Typical Examples.

6. Creating PDF Files.

Acrobat PDFWriter. Compatibility. ASCII Format vs Binary Format. PDF Creation. Acrobat Distiller. Why Use Distiller vs PDFWriter? Distilling PostScript Files. General. Distiller Job Options. QuarkXPress PDF Filter. Using the PDF Filter. Setting PDF Filter Preferences. Setting Preferences for Distilling the File. Creating PDF Files in Excel. Previewing Your Excel Spreadsheet. Creating a PDF File. Capturing a Web Page. Creating PDF Files in Word. Specifying Word's Printing Options. Creating a PDF File.

7. Annotation and Remote Proofing.

Summarizing Annotations. Annotations Filter Manager. Deleting All Annotations. Annotations Palette. Annotation Tools. Sound Files. Attached Files. Stamps. Notes. Drawing Tool. Drawing Properties. MarkUp Tool. Article Tool. Article Properties. Designer/Printer Relationship. Generating the Soft Proof. Client Approval.

8. Editing.

Attributes Menu. The Font Tab. The Character Tab. The Line Tab. Text TouchUp Drop Menu.

9. Search and Retrieval.

Preparing Documents for Indexing. Building the Index for the Documents. Maintaining the Index. Acrobat Search. Setting Search Preferences. Performing the Search. Using the Search Box. Explanation of Search Options. Search Results. Refining a Search. Word Assist. Find Tool. Find Dialog Box. Using the Find Tool. Find Again. Search Plug-in. Setting Search Preferences. Search Query. Indexes. Removing an Index. Index Information. Setting Options. Thesaurus. Match Case. Proximity. Date Searching. Document Information Fields. Searching for Words. Declaring a Search. Simple Boolean Searches. Complex Boolean Searches. Wildcard Options. Search. Hit List. Relevance Ranking. Refining a Search. Hit Navigating. Word Assistant.

10. Exporting and Importing PDF.

Exporting Annotations. Exporting PostScript or EPS. Exporting Forms Data. PostScript Level Options. Exporting an EPS. Exporting PostScript. AdobePS 4.3 PostScript Driver for Windows9X. PostScript Printer Driver and Related Issues. with Windows. Importing. Importing Images. Import Annotations. Importing Form Data.

11. Distiller.

Stored Distiller Job Options. Screen Optimized. Print Optimized. Press Optimized. Distiller Preferences. Restarting after Errors. Notification of Watched Folders. Warning for Full Startup Volume. More Preferences for Windows Users. Font Location Folder. Job Options. General.

12. Fonts.

Fonts and Font Embedding. PostScript. Outline Fonts. PostScript Type 1 Fonts. TrueType. OpenType. Multiple Master Fonts. Type 42 Fonts. Bitmap Fonts. Legal Issues With Embedded Fonts. Simulated Fonts. Font Embedding. Font Substitution. Subsetting Fonts. Embedding Options. Font Embedding Failure. Always Embed List.

13. Compression.

Color Bitmap Compression. Downsampling and Subsampling. Subsampling. Downsampling. Automatic, Manual, and Zip Compression. Grayscale Bitmap Compression. Monochrome Bitmap Compression. Compress Text and Line Art. Lossless Compression Schemes. Zip Compression. 4-Bit and 8-Bit Compression 292 Other Lossless Techniques. CCITT Group 3 and 4. Run Length Encoding. Compression Refresher. Lossy versus Lossless Compression. JPEG Compression. JPEG and Line Art. Resolution Follies. Image Resolution. Scaling a Bitmap.

14. Color.

And Now to Acrobat. Color Conversion. Color Options. Preserve Overprint Settings. Under Color Removal/Black Generation. Transfer Functions. Preserve Halftone Screens. Spot Colors. Duotones. Remote Proofing is Closer Than You Think. Color Management. Viewing Conditions. Profile Tuning.

15. Advanced Options.

Prologue and Epilogue. Allow PostScript File to Override Job Options. Preserve Level 2 Copypage Semantics. Save Portable Job Ticket Inside the PDF File. Process DSC (Document Structuring Conventions). Log DSC Warnings. Resize Page and Center Artwork for EPS Files. Preserve EPS Info from DSC. Preserve OPI Comments. Preserve Document Info. Default Page Size. The Final Step.

16. Interactive Acrobat.

Setting a Page Action. Page Actions. Execute a Menu Item. Going to a View. Form Data Import. JavaScript. Playing a Movie. Opening a File. Reading an Article. Resetting a Form. Showing or Hiding a Field. Sound. Submit a Form. World Wide Web Links. Confirming the Action. Links. Forms and Form Fields. What Is a Form Field? Basic Buttons. Forms Dialog Box. Appearance of Form Fields. Form Integration. Button Options Tab. Forms and Icons. More Button Options. Advanced Button Options. Setting Actions. Check Boxes. Creating Rollovers. Combo Boxes. Combo Box Format Tab. Custom Format. Numbers Formatting. Percentages Formatting. Date Formatting. Formatting Time Form Fields. Specially Formatted Forms. Validation of Form Fields. Calculations. List Boxes. The Options Tab. List Boxes in a PDF. List Box Selection Change Tab. Radio Buttons. Text Fields. Signature Form Field. Managing Form Fields. Forms Menu Option. Duplicating a Field. Copying Form Fields. Setting the Tab Order. Setting Templates. Changing, Deleting, and Applying Templates. Alignment and the Forms Grid. Setting Web Links. Movie Tool. Actionable Items. PDF for Presentations. Advantages of PDF for Presentations.

17. Watched Folders.

Setting the Watched Folder Options. Opening the PostScript File. Stored Distiller Job Options. Screen Optimized. Print Optimized. Press Optimized. General Settings Tab-Digital Distribution. Compression Settings Tab-Digital Distribution. Fonts Settings Tab-Digital Distribution. Color Settings Tab-Digital Distribution. Advanced Settings Tab-Digital Distribution. Suggested Settings For High End Printing. Compression Settings Tab-High End. Fonts Settings Tab-High End. Color Settings Tab-High End. Advanced Settings Tab-High End.

18. PDF in InDesign.

Font Issues. PDF for Print. PDF for On-line Use. Exporting PDF.

19. High-Resolution Printing.

1. Composite PDF versus Preseparated PostScript. Preseparated PostScript Workflows. Custom Color Gradients or Blends. Preserving High-quality Printing Information in PDF. 2. Preflighting the Application File. 3. Creating Efficient Composite PostScript Files. Selecting a Printer Driver and PPD. Acrobat 4 Installs a PPD File. Including All Document Fonts. Spot-color Information. Preserving OPI Comments. 4. Acrobat Distiller Job Options for High-Resolution. Printing General Job Options. ASCII Format. Optimize PDF. Generate Thumbnails. Default Resolution. Binding. Compression Job Options. Compress Text and Line Art. Color Bitmap Images. Grayscale Bitmap Images. Lossy versus Lossless Compression. Monochrome Bitmap Images. Font Job Options. Embed All Fonts. Subset Fonts Below. When Embedding Fails. Color Job Options. Conversion. Preserve Overprint Settings. Under Color Removal/Black Generation. Transfer Function. Preserve Halftone Screen Information. Advanced Job Options. Use and Allow PostScript File to Override Job Options. Preserve Level 2 Copypage Semantics. Save Portable Job Ticket Inside PDF File. Process DSC Comments (Windows) or Process DSC (Mac OS). Resize Page and Center Artwork for EPS Files. Preserve EPS Information from DSC (Windows) and Preserve EPS Info from DSC (Mac OS). Default Page Size. Using a Custom for Scitex APR files. PDF/X. InProduction.

20. The Digital World.

Short Run Market. Sending PDF for On-demand. Digital Growing Pains. AdSend. Delivery Criteria. The Archiving Market. PDF Archiving. Other Archiving. Changing Business Conditions. Networked Digital Workflows. Changing Workflows.

21. Plug-ins Extend Acrobat PDF.

Crackerjack. The Benefits of Crackerjack. Crackerjack Functions. Crackerjack and PostScript Level 1 RIP. Document. Separations from Word or Excel. Pages. No Screen Angle or Frequency Saved in a PDF File. Printer Not Printing Separations. Output. Color. Crackerjack Pilot. Crackerjack. PDF ImageWorks is an Image Editor for Acrobat. Plug-ins from EnFocus. PitStop 4 PDF Preflight and Repair. Enfocus DoubleCheck. Tailor 2. Third-Party Plug-ins. 5D Solutions Ltd. Alliant Techsystems. Atlas Software BV. BCL Computers. Callas Software. Computerised Document Control Ltd. Data Technology Group, Inc. Digital Applications, Inc. Dionis. D Soft. Dynalab Inc. Electronics for Imaging, Inc. Enfocus Software. Extensis Corp. FileOpen Systems Inc. HAHT Software. HELIOS Software GmbH. Iceni Technology Ltd. Imation Publishing Software. Infocon America. Infodata Systems/Ambia Corporation. Ivy International. Kuehling Buerokommunikation GmbH. Lantana Research Corporation. MapSoft Computer Services. Muscat Limited. OneVision. PenOp Inc. Quite Software Ltd. Radtke Consulting. A Round Table Solution. Solimar Systems Inc. Sys-Print, Inc. Tumbleweed Software. Ultimate Technographics. xman Software.

22. Adobe Capture.

Convert Paper to PDF. How Capture Works. Automated Page Recognition. OCR, Font, and Page Recognition. View, Navigate, and Print PDF Files. Capturing Documents. Correcting Captured Documents. Downsampling Off. Downsampling On. Build a Business. Key Features. Platform Support. Licensing. Scalability. OCR Dictionaries. Other Types of Recognition. Image Cleanup. Output File Formats. Productivity Tools. Integration. Scanning. Acquisition Alternatives.

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About Frank J. Romano

FRANK ROMANO is the Roger K. Fawcett Distinguished Professor of Graphic Arts in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he and his students and labs have been working on digital workflows and PDF approaches to printing and publishing. He is author of 32 graphic arts books including InDesign InDetail (Prentice Hall PTR), the best-selling Pocket Guide to Digital Pre-Press, and the first book ever written about Quark XPress.
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