An Academic Introducing to the Titius Bode Law

An Academic Introducing to the Titius Bode Law

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To help all those that never heard of the Titius Bode law I wish to give the following summery as to summarise what is said in book 1 we shortly discover the following.The following is the official explanation concerning the Titius Bode law.The Titius-Bode Law is rough rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the Solar System and relates the mean distances of the planets from the sun to a simple mathematic progression of numbers.To find the mean distances of the planets, beginning with the following simple sequence of numbers:0 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384 With the exception of the first two, the others are twice the value of the preceding number.Add 4 to each number:4 7 10 16 28 52 100 196 388 Then divide by 10:0.4 0.7 1.0 1.6 2.8 5.2 10.0 19.6 38.8 The resulting sequence is very close to the distribution of mean distances of the planets from the Sun:Body Actual distance (A.U.) Bode's Law Mercury 0.39 0.4 Venus 0.72 0.7 Earth 1.00 1.0 Mars 1.52 1.6 2.8 Jupiter 5.20 5.2 Saturn 9.54 10.0 Uranus 19.19 19.6For many a century science has been grappling with the enigma called the Titius Bode law. This conundrum had the most brilliant minds baffled and twisted without solving the mystery. This was one of the toughest there is because science has been going on and on and on without having a clue what to do. Nature gave science 3. …And to complicate matters only to further as to confuse science nature made the numeration a series of 3 such as 0 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384, which is just doubling the components. Understanding this is a tall order since it is only the most brilliant minds in science on earth that has to understand this lot.Then nature really got merciless and expected science to add 4 to the numeration. How more difficult can it get? Science was given 3 and then expected that the Brainy Bunch must be able to add 4… and this would complete the sequence! How are those with minds that function on computing ability in mathematics suppose to be able to understand that when given 3 and then asked to add 4 come to a conclusion that this will total seven. Then nature made the riddle exponentially more difficult. Nature said that this distance of 3 + 4 doubles from the one planet’s distance to the sun and then to the distance of the next planet. Science are given 3 + 4 and then they have to add to it this same distance as the layout doubles. Then they had to divide this with 10.For century after century Newtonians had no idea about this anomaly that nature threw at them. They understood , but to add 3 plus 4 and double this was too far to go and it had to be divided by 10.It was far better to leave something as complicated as the Titius Bode law alone and stick to Newton notwithstanding that nature applied the Titius Bode law notwithstanding that nature applied the Titius Bode law. Nature does not apply mass to allocate planets but use these laws and the Titius Bode law in particular to place planets in the order in which they are. I place these books on the market as cheap as I could to help me as evidence to support me in my fight against their falseness with which science holds the world at ransom. As you will see I solved the mystery of the 4 phenomena in cosmic space just because and only because I was the first person in 300 years that tried to add 3 and 4 and then reach a conclusion that it is seven. By my ability to be able to add 3 and 4 I am the first one (apparently) in cosmology that has the ability to come to a conclusion that 3 and 4 is sevenI am the person that wrote the book on the working of nature applying gravitational density and I tell the truth that nobody in science wants to hear. I wish to present to you an approach to the Universe I think no one before me ever took and I managed to add 3 + 4 where i got a total of 7. By being able to do that I solved the Titius Bode law. Now I present you with the solution...
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