The 3-D Heliosphere at Solar Maximum

The 3-D Heliosphere at Solar Maximum : Proceedings of the 34th ESLAB Symposium, 3-6 October 2000, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

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Our knowledge of the heliosphere in three dimensions near solar minimum has advanced significantly in the last 10 years, largely as a result of the on-going ESAINASA Ulysses mission. Similar advances in our understanding of the global heliosphere near solar maximum are to be expected with the return of Ulysses to high solar latitudes in 2000/200 I. With this in mind, the 34th ESLAB Symposium, held at ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, on 3-6 October, 2000, was devoted to 'The 3-D Heliosphere at Solar Maximum'. This was the third ESLAB Sympo- sium focusing on the three-dimensional heliosphere (previous symposia being in 1985 and 1994), and the timing was particularly appropriate, marking as it did the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Ulysses spacecraft. Furthermore, Ulysses had just started its third high-latitude pass, the second over the Sun's south polar regions. The symposium addressed a wide range of topics related to the solar-maximum heliosphere, with presentations on many of the latest findings from Ulysses and other space-based missions. Ground-based studies and theoretical modeling were also well represented. Specific questions to which answers were sought included the following.
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Table of contents

Foreword. Welcome Address; K.-P. Wenzel. Session 1: The Sun and Corona near Solar Maximum. UVCS Observations of Velocity Shear at Streamer Boundaries in the Corona; S.R. Habbal, et al. Radio Frequency Fluctuation Spectra During the Solar Conjunctions of the Ulysses and Galileo Spacecraft; R. Wohlmuth, et al. A Cosmic Ray Signature of Equatorial Coronal Holes; B.J.I. Bromage, et al. Observations of the Acceleration of Polar Solar Wind near Solar Maximum; S.J. Tappin, et al. Origin of the Solar Wind: Theory; L.A. Fisk, N.A. Schwadron. Three-Dimensional Solar Wind Modeling Using Remote-Sensing Data; P.P. Hick, B.V. Jackson. Semi-Empirical 2-D MHD Model of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind: Energy Flow in the Corona; E. Sittler Jr., M. Guhathakurta. Source Region of High and Low Speed Wind during the Spartan 201-05 Flight; M. Guhathakurta, et al. 3D Coronal Structures and their Evolutions Measured by Stereoscopy, Consequences for Space Weather and the STEREO Mission; F. Portier-Fozzani, B. Inhester. Fine Structure in the Corona at High Latitudes at Solar Maximum; S. Suess. The Fall 2000 and Fall 2001 SOHO-Ulysses Quadratures; S. Suess, G. Poletto. Comparison of Quiet Sun Radiances Measured by CDS and SUMER on SOHO ; A. Pauluhn, et al. Section 2: The Large-Scale Structure of the Heliosphere near Solar Maximum. Global Solar Wind Structure from Solar Minimum to Solar Maximum: Sources and Evolution; S.E. Gibson. Associating the Solar Wind measured by Ulysses with its Source at the Sun; R. Woo, S.R. Habbal. CME-driven Solar Wind Disturbances at High Heliographic Latitudes; J.T. Gosling, R.J. Forsyth. Ulysses' Second Orbit: Remarkably Different Solar Wind; D.J. McComas, et al. Solar Wind Electron Observations Near Solar Maximum at High Latitudes from Thermal Noise Spectroscopy; K. Issautier, et al. Magnetic Domains in the Heliosphere during Solar Maximum Years; I.S. Veselovsky. Solar Wind Composition at Solar Maximum; P. Bochsler. The 3-D Heliosphere from the Ulysses and ACE Solar Wind Composition Experiments; R. von Steiger, et al. Kilometric Type III Radio Bursts, Electron Beams, and Interplanetary Density Structures; M. Reiner. Langmuir Wave Activity: Comparing the Ulysses Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum Orbits; R.J. MacDowall, et al. The Heliospheric Magnetic Field at Solar Maximum: Ulysses Observations; A. Balogh, E.J. Smith. Latitudinal Variation of the Underlying Heliospheric Magnetic Field Direction: Comparison of the Ulysses First and Second Orbits; R.J. Forsyth, et al. 12 Additional Chapters. Session 3: Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere. Energetic Particle Characteristics in the High-Latitude Heliosphere Near Solar Maximum; G.M. Simnett. Low Energy Particles in the Global Heliosphere 2001-2004: 1 to 90 AU; J.L. Lanzerotti, et al. 26-day Analysis of Energetic Ion Observations at High and Low Heliolatitudes: Ulysses and ACE; D. Lario, et al. Survey of MeV Proton Anisotropies as Measured by Ulysses; S. Dalla, A. Balogh. Simultaneous Observations of Solar Energetic Particle Events by IMP8 and the Ulysses COSPIN High Energy Telescope at High Solar Latitudes; R.B. McKibben, et al. Tracing the Magnetic Topology of Coronal Mass Ejection Events by Ulysses/Hi-Scale Energetic Particle Observations in and out of the Ecliptic; O.E. Malandraki, et al. Comparison of 40 keV Electron Events at High and Low Heliolatitudes: Ulysses/Hi-Scale and ACE/EPAM; S.E. Hawkins, et al. Solar Origin of Anisotropic Electron Events Observed by Ulysses and AC
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