On tour in Slovenia


  • Today we are in Slovenia!

    "Socna je zemlja v vecerni goreci luci,
    strast blaznih ocetov nas do zadnjega muci.
    Dali so nam oci, da v njih se pijanost pretaka,
    dali so nam roke, gresne plodove mrake.
    Ljubimo zemljo bolestno, kakor so oni ljubili,
    ljubimo nijh sive glave, plodnost so nam podelili."

    We've touched down in Slovenia! A tiny country that's like a miniature of Europe. From beaches, snow-capped mountains, hills awash in grapevines and wide plains blanketed in sunflowers, to Gothic churches, baroque palaces, historic castles and art nouveau civic buildings, Slovenia offers more diversity than countries many times its size. We've brought along a selection of all things Slovenian to whet the appetite.

    Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek in conversation last month in an event sponsored by the New Statesman. (It's almost two hours and he turns up at the 11:00 mark)