What are these bookmarks then?

  • To celebrate our new website launch we asked our favourite authors and illustrators to design an exclusive bookmark to be sent out to our customers to thank you for your support, whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause.

    We were absolutely thrilled with the results, with fantastic bookmarks from people as diverse as cartoonist Matt from The Daily Telegraph to Noel and Dave from the Mighty Boosh - take a look for yourself, you can see the full list of bookmarks at the bottom of this page.

    From the 18th April we will be enclosing one of these exclusive, limited edition, Book Depository bookmarks with all orders from the site (whilst stocks last of course). There are 18 bookmarks to collect. If you have a favourite, or indeed want to collect all 18, you will need to get your orders in quick, as they are in limited supply.

    We auctioned off the signed originals on eBay, with all the monies raised being donated to Downsed International.

    Includes bookmarks designed by

    The Mighty Boosh, Matt from The Daily Telgraph and many more

    All bookmarks

    Hover over an image to see the reverse side of the bookmark.

    Bookmark No1. Jasper Fforde - The Big Over Easy Jasper Fforde
    No. 1
    | Bookmark No2. Jasper Fforde - The Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde
    No. 2
    | Bookmark No3. Jasper Fforde - Lost In A Good Book Jasper Fforde
    No. 3
    | Bookmark No4. Jasper Fforde - First Among Sequels Jasper Fforde
    No. 4
    | Bookmark No5. Karen Wall - Who Are You ,Stripy Horse Karen Wall
    No. 5
    | Bookmark No6. Lydia Monks - Eeeek, Mouse! Lydia Monks
    No. 6
    Bookmark No7. Lydia Monks - Aaaarrgghh, Spider! Lydia Monks
    No. 7
    | Bookmark No8. Dave Brown - The Mighty Book Of Boosh Dave Brown
    No. 8
    | Bookmark No9. Noel - The Mighty Book Of Boosh Noel
    No. 9
    | Bookmark No10. Cathy Brett - Ember Fury Cathy Brett
    No. 10
    | Bookmark No11. Lucy Cousins - Maisy Bakes a Cake Lucy Cousins
    No. 11
    | Bookmark No12. Lucy Cousins - Hooray for Fish! Lucy Cousins
    No. 12
    Bookmark No13. Korky Paul - Winnie The Witch Korky Paul
    No. 13
    | Bookmark No14. Nick Sharrat - Elephant Wellyphant Nick Sharrat
    No. 14
    | Bookmark No15. Steve Weatherill - Baby Goz Steve Weatherill
    No. 15
    | Bookmark No16. Vivian French - The Robe of Skulls Vivian French
    No. 16
    | Bookmark No17. Matt - The Best of Matt 2008 Matt
    No. 17
    | Bookmark No18. Paul Howard - The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark Paul Howard
    No. 18