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Reviews for Tofu Landing

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  • Quality Writing5

    Mark "Got your book Friday night. I had been to the gym, unwrapped the book and showed it to my three housemates. One randomly flicked it open to a page and read to himself, giggling. Of course we all wanted to know what he was enjoying so he read out the line then the book was passed to another who randomly opened the book and read out the first line she saw, then I did, then the final flatmate (hope this doesn't contravene copyright laws).

    The writing stacks up no matter where we opened the book and we were all really enjoying this. Then we started to read a paragraph each at random spots and did this for 30 or 40 minutes.

    Evan you have created a very engaging, entertaining and thought provoking novel - it is great work. You can put in writing complex thoughts and observations in a very concise manner. I love that Declan has moments of self consciousness and is so anti-confrontational, these 'flaws' make him real and I am enjoying his interactions with others - it is very humorous.

    I have had 4 or 5 late nights in a row but stayed up last night reading till 3:30am and couldn't put it down. I love it. The others went into town to see a blues band but I was much more excited about getting into bed and devouring it.

    Hope I don't sound like an infatuated groupie, but it surpasses how good I thought it would be. Congratulations."

    I've read your news blog for years and know Declan mirrors your life in ways but I am seeing him not as you but as a different person. It is quality writing. by Mark

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    A compelling Debut5


    "The east London art scene colliding with a Pete Doherty figure (who flees a party when one of the guests falls to his death) is easy material for satire. It is to Maloney's credit that he doesn't take this easier route but creates a nuanced and intriguing character in Declan Twist. Declan's uncertainty about his life keeps him tied to the Posse, while his love of art means that he sees through the pretension all around him. The witty and acerbic descriptions of clubs, youth television and nights spent getting high together (and the sex that results) are vividly told, everything rings true, it's a compelling novel."

    - James Doyle (Bookmunch) by Claire Sutton

  • Great stuff5

    Evan Maloney Thankyou Book Depository by Evan Maloney

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