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  • Free e-book: Dawnthief

    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:25

    Dawnthief -- free e-book! You might have noticed, Christmas is coming. So here at The Book Depository we thought it would be nice to give away another free e-book! In partnership with Orion, we are giving away a free e-book of James Barclay's Dawnthief (PDF; 2.7mb; if you need a reader, try the Adobe site. Click here if you want to buy the actual, real, proper book!) All you need to do is click on the link to download the PDF -- you don't need any fancy hardware or software. You can read Dawnthief straight from your PC:
    The Raven have fought together for years, six men carving out a living as swords for hire in the war that have torn Balaia apart, loyal only to themselves and their code. But when they agree to escort a Xesteskian mage on a secret mission they are pulled into a world of politics and ancients secrets. For the first time the Raven cannot even trust their own strength and prowess, for the first time their code is in doubt. How is it that they are fighting for one of the most evil colleges of magic known? Searching for the secret location of Dawnthief; a spell that could end the world? Aiming not to destroy it but to cast it. Dawnthief is a fast paced epic about a band of all too human heroes.
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