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  • stewartmcabney.gif Stewart McAbney lives in Glasgow, working full-time in healthcare by day and studying part-time in the evening. Apart from blogging at booklit, he also runs World Literature Forum. Mark Thwaite: What first drew you to blogging Stewart? Stewart McAbney: I'd been involved in a number of online book forums for a number of years, contributing my thoughts on whatever I was reading. Then, as my thoughts were morphing into larger reviews, I decided to use a blog to aggregate them all. The sheer amount of spam comments blogs were unprotected from back then killed my enthusiasm and I abandoned the blog. Two years later, still wanting to gather my reviews, I decided to try again., and booklit was born. Now, it's a case of wanting to post more frequently all the while ensuring that each post has something to say and isn't just there for the hell of it. MT: What do you most get out of it? SM: First and foremost, ideas for further reading. There are so many books out there, so many reading paths taken by bloggers, that it helps to have the occasional crossroads where we meet. The sharing of thoughts on old, new, obscure, and translated works is a blogging highlight. And the second thing? Enjoying the feedback. When someone thanks you for a recommendation, or that they appreciated something you wrote - review, rant, etc. - it keeps the engine greased and running. MT: What are your favourite blogs? SM: I stick pretty much to literary blogs, preferring news, reviews, and opinions over much else. To that end I find myself visiting Asylum, Literary Saloon, Mookse and the Gripes, and Three Percent, most regularly, with occasional detours to Neglected Books to learn of, well, neglected books, and to Caustic Cover Critic, because I'm quite partial to judging books by their covers. 9780099485032.jpg
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