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    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:24

    Horizon Review Nice move: innovative poetry and short-story publisher, Salt, have just launched Horizon Review -- "a review of literature & art" -- edited by the poet, novelist and critic Jane Holland:
    "The best words in their best order", for both poetry and prose, was my take on Coleridge's ideal as I began to read submissions for this first ever issue of Horizon Review. It's never an easy task to find work of a consistently high quality, especially with a brand-new arts magazine, but I feel confident that this launch issue is going to excite, surprise and provoke our readers. And since Horizon Review was inspired by and named after Cyril Connolly's incisive literary magazine from the 1940s, that is what I have been looking for from submissions: intensity and precision of effect and purpose, critical acumen, and visionary innovation (more....)
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