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  • festival_image.gif Advance information about the Bath Festival of Children's Literature (via the Bookseller):
    Authors including Michael Rosen, Michael Morpurgo, Meg Cabot and Charlie Higson will be appearing at this autumn's Bath Festival of Children's Literature. The inaugural festival in 2007 reached around 20,000 children and families. There will be about 150 events at the festival this year, which runs from 19th to 28th September, including 88 public events and more schools-based activities. The festival will also include more for younger children. "Last year the events were weighted towards fiction for eight to 12-year-olds but we had requests for more events for younger children, so will be providing those this year," said joint festival organiser Gill McLay. One of the biggest will be a Funtastic musical event for toddlers based on Templar's Amazing Baby series. The festival is also holding an event with Annette and Nick Butterworth in Bristol the prior weekend, to attract more visitors from Bristol to the Bath event.
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