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  • Trouble in American poetry

    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:24

    According to the Poetry Foundation, American poet Noah Eli Gordon, "believes he's found the best way to get his books out to potential readers":
    "I give them all away for free," Gordon explains. "Instead of money, I ask the publishers for books, and then I mail them out to other poets I admire ... It's like in Vita Nuova when Dante writes about how a young poet would write a poem and then send it to the other, older poets in the community. If the poem was good enough, the young poet would then gain entry into their world."
    Gordon's comments come on the back of a sense of crisis in the American poetry world following Perseus Books Group acquisition of the Consortium Book Sales & Distribution Company. The article continues saying that the "crisis centers around a radical change in the channels of distribution. For years, a handful of distributors have been disseminating most of America's poetry to its bookstores. Now these distributors have been bought out by a larger corporation, and the implications for small publishers could be dire."
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