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  • Hide and Seek by David Carter

    Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:32

    blog imageWe have a soft spot for pop-up books here at The Book Depository. Especially ones that take us on a creative hunt. David Carter is back with a super-cool new book!

    "A fish and a teardrop. Five black spots, four blossoms blue, and a T that is white. A heart and an arabesque. A smile, a black Q, and a reflection of you." These are just some of the hundreds of objects readers are invited to find in David Carter's latest art pop-up book, Hide and Seek.

    His previous art pop-up titles, One Red Dot, 600 Black Spots, and other bestsellers, have sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, asking readers to find a single image hidden within ten pop-up kinetic sculptures.

    With Hide and Seek, David has expanded the concept and now includes hundreds of images or words hidden within the pop-up landscapes, inviting readers to explore and discover something new with each visit.

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    blog image

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