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    Tue, 09 Dec 2008 11:40

    The Book Depository: What/who do you see as your primary market?

    Ken Rhodes (UK Sales and Marketing Director, Continuum): Continuum is a rapidly developing and innovative publisher emphasising academic publishing in the humanities; the educational market, particularly trainee teachers and teaching professionals; religion; and History; along with a small coherent issue-based trade list.

    BD: What are the principal challenges/opportunities you see at the moment in the business of publishing books?

    KR: The main opportunity we see is for broadening the availability of product through effectively using digital technology. Mostly, at the moment, this is disseminating information to booksellers and through marketing channels via the internet but this will quickly develop into ebook sales and even ebook rental and sales of fragments (probably at the chapter level).

    BD: What brings you to the decision to publish a particular title/author?

    KF: Our publishing decisions are based on a wide variety of considerations depending on the subject area and level of the target audience. The main principles of our publishing, though, are quality and relevance. We are particularly interested in developing the writing careers of young academics with a commitment to communicating a clear understanding of their chosen subject to students or their peers.

    BD: What books are you most proud of having published?

    KR: In the last year or so, they would include Why Truth Matters, Arabs, The Seven Basic Plots and The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia. But also a range of student series including the Guides for the Perplexed, Reader’s Guides and The Buggers (helping teachers to control and motivate students...) We’re busy people.

    BD: What books are you working on right now?

    BD: The stand-out books for the autumn are Scared to Death by Christopher Booker and Richard North, The Home We Build Together by Jonathan Sacks, and alongside this a continuing stream of trade history hardbacks and paperbacks from our Hambledon imprint.


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