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    Wed, 01 Feb 2012 08:52

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    Surely no one is more qualified to help than Book Wizard, Barry Cunningham - the original publisher of Harry Potter. He has worked with some of the greatest names in children's books past and present - from J.K. Rowling to Roald Dahl and Cornelia Funke. And now, as the highly successful publisher of Chicken House, he is busy finding outstanding new fiction:

    I'm a huge fan of Dr Who and once worked with a poet who was an original Dalek and the voice of Davros! Anyone who adores that kind of open-minded storytelling that grips like a pincer, while surprising you with a wide-eyed jump of spectacular invention is going to appreciate Dr Who writer Daniel Bythe's new novel, Shadow Runners. Set in a deceptively normal seaside town, it soon ducks and dives around paranormal goings on - before revealing a very surprising twist indeed! It's perfect for all young TV and film fans who adore the unexpected, love cool dialogue and, above all, enjoy guessing who is - and who isn't - the force of evil!

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