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    Mon, 09 Jan 2012 10:02

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    When I was at Puffin Books, Roald Dahl used to tease me about my beard - he called me the real Mr Twit, and said that I only had to eat one meal a day as most of it ended up in my whiskers! His form of tough love appealed to children everywhere. He told the truth about adults, greedy children, bullies, and possibly facial hair, and he always championed the underdog! His masterpieces also had the most exciting of settings, from an extraordinary chocolate factory to a giant peach!

    If your children love vivid settings and captivating adventures then try two marvellous writers from the USA. Trenton Lee Stewart's New York Times bestselling MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY is a much-loved story that celebrates unusual talents, in which four unlikely young heroes go undercover to test their ingenuity and puzzle-solving skills against arch foes. Set in a boarding school on a remote island, which is actually a façade for a sinister organisation, this will really enliven their imagination.

    Or there's Patrick Carman's brand new book, FLOORS. His setting is the strangest hotel in the world, with hidden floors, a different challenge on each one - and unexpected ducks! Like chocolate factories, hotels are alive with adventurous possibilities - perfect for any 8 to 12 year-old reader to move into!

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