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    Wed, 01 Jun 2011 10:30

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    Over the years, The Book Depository has brought out three different sets of bookmarks to give away with orders. Some of you may even have been lucky enough to have collected the whole set at the time.

    As a way of raising money for our charity - Downsed we thought it would be nice to gather a few sets and auction them off on eBay. We had a hunt and scrabbled around down the back of the office sofa and found one complete set each of our three lots of bookmarks:

    Limited edition bookmarks. To celebrate the website launch we asked our favourite authors and illustrators to design an exclusive bookmark to be sent out to our customers to thank you for your support. Bid on the set here.

    Bookmarks Competition. We asked our customers all over the world to show us their artistic talents - and tell us a little about themselves too. They did so in their hundreds, we had fantastic entries from all over the world. In fact we received so many great entries that we failed to choose just ten, and have selected 20 winners instead. The winners were from ten countries and aged between 8 and 55. Bid on this set here.

    And finally, Useful bookmarks. Where we introduced you to a great new set of handy, quick reference bookmarks. Bid on this set here.

    Happy bidding and let's hope we raise a bit for charity.

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