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    Thu, 24 Mar 2011 13:05

    blog imageYou may not know it but we have thousands of free eBooks to download on the site. So, we thought we'd use this great resource and highlight a book-a-day, monday to friday, that had some kind of resonance with current events. Being in Windsor as we are, and after offering another free download recently, the monarchy and the Royal Wedding is somewhat on our minds. As an antidote, today we have this Thomas Carlyle classic to download for free. An account of the French Revolution published in 1837, not quite living memory in those days but close. Anyway, let's hope Will & Kate don't go the way of poor Louis and Marie Antoinette but given the times and the last Tory budget, you never know... Enjoy!

    blog image

    (Right click on the link above and 'Save Link As...' to save the pdf to your computer)

    And a splendid paperback copy to purchase here.

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