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  • Valentine's winners?

    Wed, 23 Feb 2011 09:25

    blog imageThank you for all your Valentine stories on Facebook, Twitter and the blog. A few happy, a few sad but all greatly appreciated. Still, we had to pick 10 to receive the signed Carol Ann Duffy Love Poems and so we did. However, in the true spirit of Valentine's Day we don't know who you are!? Or where you live?! How can we send you the book?

    If you are: Giselle Bader, Diana Cotter, Orla Coffey, Dayse Dantas, Shannon Stein, Daisy Ip, Lukas, Heather Arnould, Mary Preston or Libby Alexander please email editor AT bookdepository dot co dot uk your full name and address and we'll send out the book. Thanks!

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