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    Wed, 24 Nov 2010 08:10

    As a young child I would draw world maps over and over again, always starting with Alaska, following the coastline down and round the Americas, and then repeating for Europe/Asia, then Africa, then Australia. I'd then fill in all the islands and the country borders. Hours of fun!

    So, I'm always on the lookout for books about maps and there are two brilliant ones out at the moment. Atlas of Remote Islands was voted Germany's most beautiful book recently and is indeed a stunner with lovely drawings and descriptions of the eponymous islands. Map of a Nation is the story of the UK's Ordnance Survey, the invaluable geographic record of this country.

    I've also thrown in You Are Here, one of my favourite books that takes the notion of mapping to previously unthought of levels.

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  • The A List

    Mon, 16 Aug 2010 05:09

    I used to work in bookshops in London with a steady stream of celebrity customers. It's irrational I know and I never thought I would be affected but the more stellar the celebrity, the more 'A' list the actor then the more starstruck I'd become. Unfortunately most famous authors never produced this reaction, the odd actress from a TV show would cause a, 'Isn't that...?' moment but when a genuine bona fide movie star celeb came into the shop it was proper, involuntary weakness of the knees and intake of breath. A bit pathetic I know but such is the power of modern celebrity.

    Anyway, that is the closest analogy I can think of when your business gets mentioned in the papers or magazines. The local rag elicits a satisfying nod of approval, a nod in a national newspaper evokes a pleasing sense of professionalism and job well done, when the New Yorker, a proper A list publication mentions the Book Depository it's a real, Wahoooo! They like our Map!

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