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  • Before You Go To Sleep

    Fri, 04 Jul 2014 14:42

    blog imageThey've turned S.J. Watson's best-selling debut novel Before I Go to Sleep into a movie. Strong cast, looks good. But before you go to sleep tonight read what other great authors had to say about the book:

    A terrific first novel - well-written, genuinely unsettling and psychologically very plausible. Thrillers seldom come much better than this. Loved it, read it in one - Joanne Harris

    Brilliant in its pacing, profound in its central question, suspenseful on every page - and satisfying in its thriller ending - Anita Shreve

    Quite simply the best debut novel I've ever read - Tess Gerritsen

    A truly amazing debut. The central character, Christine, is beautifully drawn. It's hard to imagine a more compelling, believable and sympathetic portrayal of a damaged human being. I loved it from start to finish - Mo Hayder

    Why not give it a go...?

  • Think of a Number

    Mon, 02 Aug 2010 09:55

    Think of a NumberThink of a Number is a new thriller from debut author John Verdon. Dave Gurney, a retired NYPD homicide detective, is contacted by an old college acquaintance about some startling letters he's been receiving, it is at first little more than a diverting but sinister puzzle. Until the acquaintance is brutally killed. Suddenly Gurney finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation that makes no sense...

    More book details

  • I Am Number Four!

    Mon, 02 Aug 2010 09:44

    I am Number FourI Am Number Four is a new thriller. John Smith is not your average teenager. On the run, he moves from town to town changing his name and identity. If he stops, those hunting him will find him and kill him. He was once one of nine, three have been killed. John is Number Four. Also, soon to a major movie early 2011. More book details
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