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  • Best Business Books?

    Tue, 15 Jun 2010 04:25

    I was asked recently which business books I rated most, as a result I put together the following list. They are pretty eclectic and as a selection are part academic, part practical - I took an MBA a few years ago and this has coloured the choices a little.

    1. 'The Balanced Scorecard' - 'what gets measured gets managed' etc. every month at The Book Depository we produce the four quadrant measures so we can look at indicators which mean more than just backward looking financial measures.

    2. ' Leading the Revolution' - Gary Hamel has written a couple of excellent titles about getting organisations to achieve amazing things - this one is more tech oriented, the previous (and probably more famous title) was 'Competing for the Future'

    3. 'Human Resource Management' was said for many years to be Personnel management in new bottles. With a more critical approaches John Storey takes a fascinating and helpful look at getting the most from the people in any business.

    4. 'Strategy Bites Back' - Strategy is the hardest academic element to an MBA (in my experience) and also getting it right can make or break a busienss. Mintzberg is a canadian academic who has made this subject his own, and presents readable and helpful books that really do advance understanding and offer some practical ideas.

    5. 'Guerrilla Marketing' cheap, dynamic marketing ideas targetted at smaller businesses.

    6. 'The New Age of Innovation' - C K Prahalad sadly died earlier this year, he was a superb business writer, and also worked alongside Gary Hamel he took a uniquely global business view - seeing opportunities and ideas in workforces and customers that span the globe - something close to our hearts at The Book Depository.

    7. Not strictly business, but what digital innovation should be about today, Cory Doctorow's 'Makers' can't get more of a start up feel than that.

    8. 'The Future of the Internet - and how to stop it' - Zittrain's book on the web's future, quite heavy going and densly written but well worth it he presses the dangers or appliantization and the need to defend a generative internet.

    9. 'Convergence Culture' not a new book, however a great title that examines new culture across the globe.

    10. 'Getting Real' book from the 37Signals crew, they have a new title out too - this one is very focused on how to develop fast, effectively with nothing getting in the way.

    I hope you share some of my favourites - I'd be interested to hear yours too.

    Kieron - MD The Book Depository

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