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  • Almost as a counterpoint to the book I recommended on Friday (Claus Hant's Young Hitler), here is a new book about Hitler which reveals previously unknown information about the founder of the Thule Society:

    In a new book about Hitler, historian Aytun Altindal dedicates a whole section to the mysterious Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule Society, which Hitler joined in 1919 and later transformed into the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

    Behind the Mask of Hitler by Aytun Altindal is published on the 21st May.

    In the first section of the book, notorious for his controversial content, the author gives a detailed study of the dictator's family life, and offers enlightening information into a questionable lineage that Hitler was determined to keep secret.

    He goes on to study Hitler's fascination of the occult and the way the Thule Society nurtured his ideologies and cultural pessimism.

    Whereas most historians record the Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf as either having died in 1933 during the 'Night of the Knives', or having committed suicide in 1945, Altindal claims there are police documents showing that he was still alive in 1957 and living in Turkey.

    The author Aytun Altindal is a political analyst and an expert on comparative religions and secret societies. He is recognised for his outstanding work, his opposition to oppressive military regimes and his dedication to human rights issues, such as women's liberation and secularism. He has written twenty-three books -- seven of which were banned in his home country of Turkey for their politically controversial content and he was sentenced to prison.

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