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  • We have a great new prize for you in our latest competition: you can win all seventy (yes, 70 -- see the full list here!) of the gorgeous, hardback Everyman editions of P.G. Wodehouse's matchless novels...

    And how can you get your hands on this bumper set of witty brilliance? Well, I'd like you to email me at Editor AT with the subject line of "Ooh, a Wodehouse competition" (competition entries must be received by March 31st), including in your missive your full name and your physical address, with the answers to the following questions:

    • a) Where does Lord Emsworth live?
    • b) Who played Bertie Wooster in Granada Television's 1990s series of Jeeves and Wooster?
    • c) Which bank did Wodehouse work for between 1900 and 1902?

    Good luck! (And please, please, please don't leave the answers to the competition questions as comments on the blog -- I'll just have to delete them!)

    ('Wodehouse' competition terms and conditions.)

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