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  • The always-informative Moby Lives blog has an excellent article on the (still) ongoing Google Book Search farrago:

    As Michael Cader aptly put it in his Publisher's Lunch newsletter yesterday, "in the publishing world, this is the closet thing we will have to the Olympics," coming after "years of training, preparation, and negotiation": the final installment in the Google Books Settlement case. According to a CNet News report by Greg Sandoval, the hearing cranked up again yesterday with Judge Denny Chin declaring, "I'm going to say right off, I'm not going to rule today. I'm going to listen to opinions carefully and I'm going to ask a few questions."

    He spent the afternoon listening to testimony from some of the 30 or so parties scheduled to testify, including Microsoft, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amazon, the National Federation of the Blind, and the Center for Democracy and Technology. Cader's report added: "the only flag flying in the courtroom is America's, but the teams came from all over -- France, Germany, Japan and Connecticut; the National Federation for the Blind, who brought such a large contingent that Judge Chin quipped "many of whom are here this morning apparently" (to which their president replied, "It's very important to us your honor."); the corporate nation states of Sony, Amazon, Microsoft, AT&T; and more." And an Associated Press wire story says there was even "a lawyer for folk singer Arlo Guthrie and Pay it Forward writer Catherine Ryan Hyde," who "claimed the [Google] library would exploit his clients" and that the settlement offers "woefully inadequate compensation" for "unknown and undisclosed uses." (More...)

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