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  • Mary Gordon's 'Reading Jesus'

    Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:19

    Interesting review of Mary Gordon's Reading Jesus ("a fresh and personal journey through the Gospels, exploring the mysteries surrounding Jesus [reinterpreting] a rich store of overlapping, sometimes conflicting teachings that feel both familiar and tantalizingly elusive") from the The Boston Globe:

    The question mark, not the cross, is the dominant symbol in Mary Gordon's new book about Jesus. A Barnard English professor and acclaimed novelist and memoirist, Gordon went back to read the four Gospels as a "person of hopeful faith." Like the inquisitively brightest kid in the class, her hand shot up to ask a question, and another, and another, and another.

    The result is a book well worth reading. Her questions are challenges to orthodox conventions about faith and the man Christians deem the son of God.

    On many questions, Gordon admits she's stumped or leaves the matter hanging without answer. Those who haven't read the Gospels, or have only heard snippets read in church on weekends, will puzzle with her over her insightful inquiries. Dogmatists may object that she skirts the institutional church's take on these questions, and in some places, it's a fair objection. But only those afraid to venture outside the realm of received ideas will deny the legitimacy of her questions; the fact is that for many people, orthodox answers often aren't slam-dunk persuasive (more...)

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