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    Thu, 24 Dec 2009 01:15

    What was your favourite book of 2009? Was it a novel, a book of poetry, or a textbook on chemical engineering!? Wolf Hall maybe? Superfreakonomics? Or, perhaps, The Mammoth Book of Tattoos!?

    Well, whatever it was, why not review the book on our site and then email me (editor AT to let me know what you've said about it.

    Then, at the end of January, I'll pick my ten favourite customer reviews and feature them in our next newsletter. I'll also send the writers of those reviews a box of forthcoming titles so that they can have the first say on some of the new books that will be coming out in 2010!

    Do please make sure that your book review is also posted on the book's own detail page, not just posted into the comments below! Thanks so much!

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