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  • So you think you are neat? You think you'll go to extremes to defend your love of tidiness and ensure everything is perfectly organised? Well, Ursus Wehrli might raise the bar a little bit...

    The modern world can get messy. Fortunately, Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli is a man of obsessive order, as he demonstrates with eye-catching surprise in The Art of Clean Up. Tapping into the desire for organization and the insanity of uber-order, Wehrli humorously categorizes everyday objects and situations by color, size, and shape. He arranges alphabet soup into alphabetical order, sorts the night sky by star size, and aligns sunbathers' accoutrements -- all captured in bright photographs sure to astonish even the pickiest of neat freaks.

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    Check out Ursus oranising/tidying up sunbathers and their gear:

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    Secret venues. Inspired themes. Fabulous cakes. Across the UK and beyond, thousands of home bakers have been meeting covertly in hidden locations with the same simple mission: bake, eat and gossip about cake. These are the members of the phenomenally popular Clandestine Cake Club - and now, for the first time, they share their baking secrets with you. The rules are quite clear: no cupcakes, no muffins, no brownies, pies or tarts. It's all about cake! With each event organised around a creative theme, the results are some of the most loved and inventive baked delights you'll ever eat. From classic teatime treats and chocolatey indulgences to global bakes and spectacular cake extravaganzas, you'll find inspiring recipes such as: Scrumptious Sticky Toffee Cake; Smoked Chilli Chocolate Cake; Blood Orange and Rosemary Loaf; Raspberry Cakewell; Rose, Rhubarb & Cardamom Cake; Chai-soaked Vanilla Sponge; a giant Lemon Fondant Fancy; and the unmissable five-tier Rainbow Cake; plus stunning photography and sneak-peek snaps from club events. At last, the secret is out and everyone is invited to join the Club.

    We tried one of the recipes ourselves, Elderflower Cordial Cake with White Chocolate Ganache and it caused Book Depository employees to drop everything and run to the kitchen...

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    We've got an exclusive extract to download with heaps of delicious recipes, including Mocha Marble Cake, Curious Victoria Sponge and Caramel Cake. Get baking!

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  • Interview with Edna O'Brien

    Wed, 24 Oct 2012 10:26

    blog image Since her debut novel The Country Girls, Edna O'Brien has written over twenty works of fiction along with a biography of James Joyce and Lord Byron. She is the recipient of many awards including the Irish Pen Lifetime Achievement Award, the American National Art's Gold Medal and the Ulysses Medal. Now with Country Girl, in prose which sparkles with the effortless gifts of a master in her ninth decade, Edna has recast her life with the imaginative insight of a poet. It is a book of unfathomable depths and honesty.

  • Who Could That be at This Hour?

    Tue, 23 Oct 2012 14:24

    blog image Did you know that the new Lemony Snicket book is out today?

    That it's the first volume in a new series called All The Wrong Questions?

    Do you want to click the button below to watch the trailer?

    Who is that standing behind you?

    These are all the wrong questions...

    And don't forget our Lemony Snicket competition ends on October 31 (coincidence? Highly unlikely.).

  • blog imageWith the US presidential debates starting a fire or two, we thought this free infographic PDF might come in handy.

    Get the inside scoop on the most powerful city on Earth Washington, D.C.: Capital of the Free World; the most powerful city on Earth. No other country, company, or international organization can compare with the reach and wealth of the federal government.

    How Washington Actually Works For Dummies explains who has a seat at the table, how the policymaking process works, and how one survives. It takes you inside the political process in Washington, discusses changes in recent decades, and explains how the parts fit together.

    In a presidential election year when economic issues are center stage and the candidates will go head to head in policy debates, there's no better time to discover the ins and outs of how policy is actually made.

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