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  • A Download a Day

    Tue, 29 Mar 2011 14:41

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    On a day the BBC have shown us amazing pictures of 2000 year old sealed, lead books newly discovered in a Jordanian cave that may shed light on the early years of Christianity, why not take a look at 'Who Wrote the Bible' by Washington Gladden. A late 19th/early 20th century American Congregational church pastor, an early moderniser, a leading member of the Progressive Movement,and probably the first leading U.S. religious figure to support unionization of the workforce and oppose racial segregation. In our download today Gladden wrote, 'it is idle to try to force the narrative of Genesis into an exact correspondence with geological science.' Sounds interesting, huh?

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    More theology and religious stuff here...

    And 000s of free eBook downloads here

  • A Download a Day

    Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:40

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    On a day when Apple are releasing a shiny new gadget here in the UK, causing queues and chaos on Regent st, what better way to celebrate than offer a free pdf (readable on said shiny bauble!) written by Thorstein Veblen, the man who coined the phrase - 'conspicuous consumption' way back in 1899. Although, we hasten to add, he didn't exactly mean it in a complementary way...

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    Not so shiny dead tree edition here.

    And more free downloads here!

  • A Download a Day

    Thu, 24 Mar 2011 13:05

    blog imageYou may not know it but we have thousands of free eBooks to download on the site. So, we thought we'd use this great resource and highlight a book-a-day, monday to friday, that had some kind of resonance with current events. Being in Windsor as we are, and after offering another free download recently, the monarchy and the Royal Wedding is somewhat on our minds. As an antidote, today we have this Thomas Carlyle classic to download for free. An account of the French Revolution published in 1837, not quite living memory in those days but close. Anyway, let's hope Will & Kate don't go the way of poor Louis and Marie Antoinette but given the times and the last Tory budget, you never know... Enjoy!

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    (Right click on the link above and 'Save Link As...' to save the pdf to your computer)

    And a splendid paperback copy to purchase here.

  • Camera and Voucher winner

    Thu, 24 Mar 2011 08:32

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    Over at flickr we've been running a competition for you to send in your holiday snap and win a camera and £500 holiday voucher (thanks to Frommer's guides). Thanks for all your entries and it's been great to look at the over 3500 pics as they have been uploaded.

    But, there has to be a winner, and here it is...

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    Congratulations 'skinnygreys', camera and voucher with you very soon.

    ps We sent you a message through Flickrmail.

  • Here comes the bride

    Thu, 17 Mar 2011 13:15

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    You may have heard of a very happy event coming up at the end of April. It's the wedding of our very own, dear Prince William and his radiant fiance, Ms Kate Middleton. To prepare for and celebrate this wonderful occasion, For Dummies have brought us this charming guide to Royal Weddings past, present and future written by the distinguished editor of the Independent on Sunday, Julian Knight. As an extra special treat Dummies have given us a sample of the book to download for absolutely nothing. That's right, free! You can launch this splendid pamphlet in a new window, here

    What you may not realise, however, is just how close we are here in the Book Depository basement (sorry, Lower Ground Floor...) to the elegant shadow of the Castle and all things house of Windsor. Indeed, every other day, our very foundations are shaken by the stirring marching of the changing of the Irish guards. It gives us such a thrill to be able to just about see the boots of the soldiers drilling up and down the street in patriotic fashion.

    Anyway, we asked the work experience boy to knock up a handy visual guide to let you all know just how lucky we are...

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    More Royal Wedding books can be found here...

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