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  • Or the Bull Kills You

    Thu, 16 Jun 2011 14:28

    blog image"Either you kill the bull, or the bull kills you - traditional proverb. Chief Inspector Max Camara hates bullfighting, but one hot afternoon in Valencia he has to judge a festival corrida starring Spain's most famous young matador. That night he is back in the ring, and what he finds on the bloodstained sand shocks the city of Valencia to its core. As Camara hunts his prey through the streets and bars, firecrackers echo for the festival of Fallas, and the town hall election. The anti-bullfighting campaigners and the breeders of prize beasts fight to the death. The bullring is a test of virility, but should it be a site of national pride or shame? Or the Bull Kills You has a brilliantly authentic setting and a great detective, with a love of flamenco and brandy. This is the first of a series of books starring the quirky and forceful Camara - a man clearly destined to make his mark."

    Here's author Jason Webster reading from and talking about his new novel Or the Bull Kills You.

  • James Ellroy speaks

    Wed, 15 Jun 2011 12:45

    Crime week. Day 3. Hard-boiled Americana...

    James Ellroy is madder than a sackful of cats and scary to boot. But his books are brilliant, dense, dark and dangerous. And he's brilliantly watchable too. However, trying to find a clip that was fit for us to post (nsfw) was a tough ask but we managed it.

    So here's an expletive-free Ellroy from 2009 talking to the BBC's Culture Show. Ellroy's autobiographical book, The Hilliker Curse is fresh out in paperback.

  • Steves top ten crime books, cont.

    Tue, 14 Jun 2011 10:29

    Yesterday, office crime buff Steve, gave us his current top ten crime books. We demanded an explanation. So, we took him to the cells, set about him with the old rubber hose, pulled some nails, didn't let him sleep and extracted this confession:

    "How tough a task this was is only emphasised by the suggestions of others - authors I had forgotten about and others I really shouldn't have. Spot on with Carl Hiaasen whose gruesome humour combines page turning thrills with laugh out loud horror (should I be laughing?) and Reginald Hill's Dalziel must rival Rebus for curmongeonedly grumpiness.

    So, in short, the list could have easily been a Top 100 and beyond and while I won't bore you with a precis of why I have selected each title - you'll have detected my liking for procedural, series driven crime with a strong central character. Whether its victorian London, Stalinist Russia (Eastland) or contemporary brighton (James) each title I have selected has been forensically researched and gives the reader a real sense of history and geography - which, to me at least, is key to underpinning the plot. For me, each selection defines it's author and characters and stand out as the best in genre - but I have no doubt this selection will change over time.

    Brutal Art ranks as one of my favourite reads in all genres but I guess if you are from a dynasty of crime writers there must be something in the blood! Ellory, Ellroy and Christie should probably all be in there and I shall certainly be looking at all suggestions made. Peter Temple is next on the list.

    There is only one title that will always be on my list , though , and that my dear ... Is elementary."

    And here's his top ten, again.

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  • The Cuckoo Clock

    Tue, 14 Jun 2011 08:47

    Crime week. Day 2. Traditional mysteries... A bit of Highsmith, a bit of Buchan, some Conan Doyle and a bunch of Graham Greene.

    Brilliant books all but we couldn't resist putting up a clip of one of the best movies ever. Which one to choose? The iconic titles? The Lime reveal? The long walk? No, it had to be the classic cuckoo clock speech...

  • Crime week - Jo Nesbo

    Mon, 13 Jun 2011 14:03

    As it's Scandinavian crime day today at SummerFest let's check out Jo Nesbo, the 'next big thing' in Scandinavian crime (aren't they all... actually, to be fair, he's a massive bestseller!). His latest, The Leopard, is very nearly out in paperback and here's a not bad at all trailer for it. Looks pretty gruesome but I'm thinking that's a good thing.

    And here's Nesbo introducing The Leopard.

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