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  • Thanks, The Guardian!

    Thu, 29 Jul 2010 08:17

    It's always nice when a national newspaper appreciates what we're trying to do. The Guardian here in the UK has picked up on our Watch People Shop map on the homepage.

    I know I love to watch people shop. And I love maps. Perfect combo.

    Oh, and it's not noseyness, it's curiousity!

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  • Royal Read

    Wed, 14 Jul 2010 08:05

    Ok. I need your help.

    You may have seen that we recently won the Queen's Award for Enterprise, in International Trade, a great accolade for which we are very grateful. As a result I am getting to visit Buckingham Palace and may well get to meet the Queen, along with a number of other winners of the award (of course).

    The Uncommon ReaderNow this is where you come in. I'm a bookseller through and through and have always delighted in trying to find the right book for the right person. However, on this one I'm stumped. If asked what book I'd recommend for the Queen I'm at a loss - so suggestions please, for a Royal read. Suggestions in answer to this post or on Twitter with hashtag #RoyalRead best suggestion gets a box of proofs, those I can pick!

    Thank you, Kieron

    Posted by Adam Adam

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  • Beta testing search

    Tue, 29 Jun 2010 07:19

    We've been doing some work recently at BookDepository HQ to fine tune our search and recommends engines. We've analysed our sales and book data to make our algorithms work better, and the results are now in Beta test for you to try.

    You'll now see different books in "Top Results" on the search page and you'll see a new set of books in the "Other people who viewed this bought" tab on the product page.

    You can see the beta test by using the site whilst logged in. If you are logged out, then you'll see the old results. If you havent got an account, you can create one here

    Please do give it a try and reply with any feedback, or you can get me on twitter @william_jones


    Will Jones - IT Director Book Depository

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  • Travel reading

    Tue, 22 Jun 2010 07:30

    As those of you who follow me on Twitter (@tbd_tom) may have grasped, I have spent the last week in Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria to be precise), and this got me thinking about holiday / travel reading.

    For this trip, I took:

    Born to Run:Born to Run: I'm a bit of a running nut, and this book really inspired me to push myself a bit further, to try new approaches to training, and also prompted me to think about exactly why I run - and what I get out of running (aside from dodgy hamstrings and a lycra collection that would be the envy of most international Gymnasts). Although the text itself was focused upon ultra-running loonies, I would not hesitate it to recommend it runners regardless of whether you are a recreational plodder or a budding Paula Radcliffe - I'm somewhere in the middle and I found this to be an excellent read.

    Celebrity:Celebrity: Some readers may already be aware of Marina Hyde from her articles in the Guardian - but for those of you who are not, she brings a sharp acerbic approach to topical issues. This book focuses upon society's current obsession with celebrities, and deals with issues such as celebrities and religion, celebrity pets, and also looks at how celebrities are portrayed by the media. This is a must-read if like me, you're a touch tired of the obsession with the cult of the celebrity, and are not too fussed about who was last seen in Starbucks on Friday lunchtime, or how much weight Britney Spears may have / may not put on or lost. Quite worrying and thought provoking in places, but also very entertaining and easy to engage with - I got through this one in under two days...

    Pursuit of Glory: Pursuit of Glory: I'm also quite a keen cyclist, and have watched with a combination of awe and pride as British Cycling has come up from the doldrums to become a force to be reckoned with both on the track and on the road in recent years. A key figure within this meteoric rise has been Bradley Wiggins, and the book tracks his rise from cycling around Hyde Park as a teenager to taking Beijing by storm in 2008. Although the books may not be great for those who do not have a background in cycling, it offers a useful insight into the pressures, both mental and physical of being a sportsman at the elite level - I'm about half way through this at the moment - but get in touch once I have finished it for a better review!

    Lonely Planet And naturally the essential travel accessory that is the Lonely Planet guide to wherever you may find yourself.

    Whilst away, I tend to opt for something that I can easily relate to, get into easily, and that won't test the grey matter too much. In contrast to this, my travel companion's reading consisted of a rather large leather bound, cerebral looking text that "prompted a lot of thought" - I didn't enquire too deeply for fear that the subsequent conversation would expose a lack of thoughtfulness on my part.

    Anyhow - everyone clearly looks for different things from their travel reading, some may look for something easy to dip in and out of whilst they lie on some far flung beach, others may look for something a little more taxing, whereas the more intrepid and curious amongst us will devour books that help them engage with and understand their new found surroundings and cultures.

    We would love to know what you took away with you, or if you have come back, what you read and what you thought of it - whether it was a trashy guilty pleasure, a travel guide that took you somewhere new and unexpected, or something completely different. Whilst you're at it, why not kill two birds with one stone and enter our Hidden holidays competition?

    Safe travels,


    The Book Depository

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