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  • Free e-book: Dawnthief

    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:25

    Dawnthief -- free e-book! You might have noticed, Christmas is coming. So here at The Book Depository we thought it would be nice to give away another free e-book! In partnership with Orion, we are giving away a free e-book of James Barclay's Dawnthief (PDF; 2.7mb; if you need a reader, try the Adobe site. Click here if you want to buy the actual, real, proper book!) All you need to do is click on the link to download the PDF -- you don't need any fancy hardware or software. You can read Dawnthief straight from your PC:
    The Raven have fought together for years, six men carving out a living as swords for hire in the war that have torn Balaia apart, loyal only to themselves and their code. But when they agree to escort a Xesteskian mage on a secret mission they are pulled into a world of politics and ancients secrets. For the first time the Raven cannot even trust their own strength and prowess, for the first time their code is in doubt. How is it that they are fighting for one of the most evil colleges of magic known? Searching for the secret location of Dawnthief; a spell that could end the world? Aiming not to destroy it but to cast it. Dawnthief is a fast paced epic about a band of all too human heroes.
    Download free e-book of Dawnthief Buy Dawnthief
  • 9780753814017.jpg I don't normally suggest a Book of the Day but, goodness, y'all need to read this! The historian Roy Strong (most recently the author of the excellent A Little History of the English Country Church) called Antonia Fraser's The Gunpowder Plot "History as it should be written" -- and he's bang on!
    With a narrative that grips the reader like a detective story, Antonia Fraser brings the characters and events of the Gunpowder Plot to life. Dramatically recreating the conditions and motives that surrounded the fateful night of 5 November 1605, she unravels the tangled web of religion and politics that spawned the plot.
    "Told with impressive scholarship and panache... The result is a narrative that is clear, balanced, and builds to its denouement with a sense of pace and tension worthy of a John le Carre novel" according to John Adamson of the Sunday Telegraph. Indulge yourself!
  • mark_chitty.jpg Mark lives in Caernarfon, North Wales with his wife, Jane, and hyperactive cocker spaniel, Snoop. He has the exciting job of dealing with students on a day to day basis at Bangor University but escapes the real world whenever possible to read and blog about science fiction. He blogs at Walker of Worlds. Mark Thwaite: What first drew you to blogging Mark? Mark Chitty: I started blogging about 18 months ago, mainly to have somewhere to post my thoughts and reviews about what I was reading. I was reading quite a few of the genre blogs but found that nearly all of them were predominantly fantasy based with the odd science fiction title here and there. As someone that doesn't read much fantasy I though it would be a good idea to get a more science fiction specific blog on the go. Since then I've been quite happily putting my reviews up with bits of news here and there using my wedding this year as an excuse for the slow output. With that out of the way and a weight lifted off my shoulders I thought it was about time to seriously invest more of my time in what I love doing: reading. Of course, with more reading comes more blogging, and then more reading, etc. It's a vicious circle, but one I enjoy enough to keep on going - it's surprising how much I still find each week that adds to this whole experience. MT: What do you most get out of it? MC: I think the enjoyment for me comes from finding out about books that I normally wouldn't look for, whether they be from smaller publisher's or mixed genre books that are outside my comfort zone. It also means I can get the word out on the things I'm finding interesting and try to promote them whenever possible. I also read a little more carefully, which in itself makes the whole reading and blogging experience more worthwhile. I guess you could say it gives me a greater appreciation of everything I read - even those books that I don't enjoy. MT: What are your favourite blogs? MC: The quick answer is to check out the list on my blog, but out of those I visit the following on a daily basis: Graeme's Fantasy Book Review - a great blog that's updated regularly with plenty of reviews and news. I've learnt of quite a few books through Graeme that I would have otherwise missed. Fantasy Book Critic - another excellent site run by Robert and with reviews from a few contributors, Liviu C Suciu being the reviewer I read without fail. Dave Brendon's Sci-Fi and Fantasy Weblog - Dave is a great reviewer from South Africa and probably the Star Wars expert when it comes to the blogs I read. 9780230709256.jpg
  • Michael Crichton R.I.P.

    Fri, 12 Dec 2008 06:25

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